Monday 25 May 2015

Rainmaker/Ojne - Split 7"


1. Rainmaker - Le Poids Des Ombres
2. Ojne - Da Qualche Parte, Nel Momento Giusto

This split 7" from Sweden's Rainmaker and Italy's Ojne is amongst the nicest looking I've ever come across. If you purchased their previous Dog Knights Productions releases Alienation and Undici/Dodici, you'll be familiar with their music but the attention-to-detail that's been put into this release is second to none. Limited to 500 copies, 150 on white vinyl and 350 on light clear blue vinyl, the covers were die-cut and the artwork is striking. Right down to the lyric insert, where the theme from the sleeve is followed through. Both bands play scream with touches of hardcore and post-hardcore.

Even though they’re based in Sweden, Rainmaker performs Le Poids Des Ombres in French during the opening lines. They switch between French and English during the song, while the vocals are backed up by moments of clean guitar and moments of chaotic screamo with crunching noise. There’s a whole range of emotions and creativity running through the song. Ojne approach their side with the same sense of melody on Da Qualche Parte, Nel Momento Giusto. Their Italian mother tongue really fits the music well and the volume that builds as their screams get more frantic is really powerful. They temper that energy with some great clean guitar, in between some spazzing, off-kilter violence. This split is too short. Both Rainmaker and Ojne do what every good band does on this format and leaves you wanting more. They give new listeners a tantalising first-impression while sating the hunger of those who are familiar with them. Hopefully they’ll both have new records out soon.

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