Wednesday 20 May 2015

Flowers Taped To Pens/Bread Club/Beds/Skull Kid - Split


1. Flowers Taped To Pens - I Suppose It's Just Our Nature
2. Bread Club - If Your Song Title Is "If Your Song Title has the word 'beach' in it, I'm Not Listening To It", I'm Not Listening To It
3. Beds - Sweet Dreams
4. Skull Kid - Avenger's Song

This is way-cool split. Featuring four US indie/emo bands, it was released on vinyl and tape via a co-operative of six labels. Flowers Taped To Pens comes from San Diego, Bread Club from San Jose, Beds from Sterling and Skull Kid from Pittsburgh. As the sun in finally shining outside, I'm in a twinklemo kind of mood, as I really don't feature enough of it here. Plus, I'm unfamiliar with all four of these bands so here go's. 

Flowers Taped To Pens offer up a glorious piece of Americana with distant screams over the top. It’s short and features some really high-pitched screams, which are bewildering at first but actually fit really well. The instrumentation is brilliant and reminds me a lot of Crash Of Rhinos (RIP). Bread Club not only has one of the best song titles I’ve seen in years but they’re also more punk than I was expecting, in a Promise Ring kind of way. Their addition to this split is less caustic and very catchy. Beds come at things from an experimental angle. They weave twinkly melodies with off-kilter time-signatures and siren like vox. I can’t think of a comparison for them to give people a clue as to their sound. I reviewed UK band Simmer recently and Skull Kid could well be their US equivalent. So mellow for the majority of their song, it’s a bit of shock when they suddenly launch into a brief passage of screams. I realise that this review is short, but sometimes it’s good not to overanalyse. I love this split and it’s the sort of record that you can spin over and over again, without getting bored. Yeah it’s short, but it will help each band draw in new fans and it’s a labour of love. Excuse while I melt!

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