Saturday 29 March 2014

Kill The Innocent - Ayahuasca EP

It's great to see new bands taking the time to message me about themselves and their releases, off their own back. It's happening more and more and it shows that there are new bands that have ambition and drive to do it themselves. Kill The Innocent are carrying the flag for Luxembourg of all places. I'm not too familiar with the metal scene in that part of Europe, but a quick scan of their Facebook page brings up a few bands that are worth checking out.

Kill The Innocent play modern metal, are currently unsigned but have self released their debut EP Ayahuasca and have shared stages with the likes of War From A Harlots Mouth and Aborted amongst others. They formed in January 2010 and have been playing live as much as possible, in order to hone their sound and build a decent following.


1. Stepping Into The Fire
2. Call of The Wildman
3. Black Widow
4. Ayahuasca
5. Vine of The Dead
6. The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

It’s actually good to hear a modern metal band that isn’t going down the djent path and Kill The Innocent seem to take their influence from more traditional death metal, thrash and hardcore, eschewing the trappings of deathcore and weaving great guitar melodies into their death metal in opening track Stepping Into The Fire. Okay, they have breakdowns but that is what gives the music extra bite. Their musicianship is crisp and befits the good production on the EP. They’re pleasingly technical and feature some really strong lead work. 

Call of The Wildman is less progressive than the EP’s opener but features in it’s place, some great straightforward metal flourishes and a well laid out song structure. For someone who grew up with pop-punk and nu-metal, before graduating onto metalcore bands like Killswtich Engage and Shadows Fall, Kill The Innocent’s sound would have fitted right in alongside those bands during the early 00’s, which is a big compliment for the band and is more than proved by Black Widow and it’s incredibly fast bursts of double bass.

The title track is one of the more frantic and brutal songs on Ayahuasca, leaning much further towards the death metal  blueprint that underpins their sound. The deathcore elements of Kill The Innocent’s sound comes to the front more and carries on into Vine of The Dead. It won’t come as a surprise ether that the EP was mixed and mastered by Ex-Aborted member Sven Janssens. 

Standout track for me is the closer The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, which is the longest song but also features some of the most complete musicianship on the whole EP. The lead work is brought to the forefront of the song here and adds melody, which helps to transform Kill The Innocent’s sound and propels it to a higher level. It’s amazing what can be done when a band takes the atmospherics that different textures can create and weaves a song around them, which here has the right affect. 

People may say that you can’t touch the old days when it comes to musical nouse and quality, well they’re wrong in my opinion. Metal as a genre is in such a rich vein of form at the moment and with bands like Kill The Innocent making music and doing a lot to spread their music around, it will continue to grow. Luxembourg is now well and truly on the map and it’d be best to pay it close attention.

You can stream Ayahuasca on bandcamp below:-

Currently there is no option to download or purchase the EP from the band, but I'm sure this will change soon.

Kill The Innocent Facebok -

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