Wednesday 26 March 2014

Question The Mark/Uniforms - Split 7"

I'm trying to build a rhythm again, in terms of writing and posting reviews. I've not written as many as I would have liked. I'm gonna try and change that from now and I'm also to make a conscious effort to write about some music that I was sent a while ago, but haven't posted about yet. This 7" split is one of those releases.

For all my posts about doom, death and black metal, I'm still a sucker for melody and punk. Both Question The Mark and Uniforms are just the tonic then! Two British punk bands, one from Scotland (Uniforms) and one from Wales (Question The Mark) released this split in June 2013 via Team beard Records. Both bands are names that you will probably be familiar with if you follow gruff-punk in the UK or at least they should be.


1. Question The Mark - Whatgoesaroundcomesaround
2. Question The Mark - Ignorance Is Piss
3. Uniforms - Keep On Keeping On
4. Uniforms - Father's Day

Question The Mark start things off with Whatgoesaroundcomesaround, which features a really danceable intro that starts of mid-paced, but speeds up when the drums pick up. The vocals lean more towards shouting than singing, but they add to the energy of the band. The lead work towards the end is quality too. Ignorance Is Piss is the second song on their side of the split. It picks up where Whatgoesaroundcomesaround left off. Fast verses, great musicianship and time where all members join in with the vocals, adding volume. It definitely good time music and it’s reminiscent of when punk used to stand up against authority. 

Uniforms actually sound more upbeat than Question The Mark, but they share the same gruff and gritty attitude. Keep On Keeping On is really catchy, especially thanks to the vocal melodies and the lyrics. Uniforms describe themselves as “The Proclaimers covering Rancid” and that’s not actually too far off. Father’s Day has the backbone of a traditional pub folk-song yet retains the band’s punk blueprint. The production on both sides of this split is excellent as well. It retains the gritty sound that both Question the Mark and Uniforms possess, but it allows the instruments to be clear and obvious, which makes it even better.

People think that British punk is well and truly dead, but that could not be further from the truth. Both bands play good honest punk, which nobody else can get close to. Team Beard Records are also doing great things along with other labels like Drunken Sailor Records and Make-That-A-Take Records and are pushing British punk from strength to strength.

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