Wednesday 26 March 2014

Full Of Hell - Rudiments of Mutilation

Now onto something more dark and oppressive.  I love this band, just like so many others to have been associated with A389 Records, they blew me away when I first heard them. I've been slowly picking up their records and splits ever since. You can imagine how excited I was when I read that they are heading out on a European tour this summer and playing Manchester in July. Wild horses won't keep me away from that one!

Fan boy moment over. Rudiments of Mutilation was Full Of Hell's second LP and it was released in 2013 via A389 Records and followed their 2011 debut LP, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home., also through A389 Records. Now, having reviewed their four-track live tape that was released late last year via Not Punk Records that featured both Vessel Deserted and Coven Of The Larynx from this very record, I know their doom-laden hardcore sounds equally as frenetic live and it does recorded.


1. Dichotomy
2. Vessel Deserted
3. Coven Of The Larynx
4. Throbbing Lung Fiber
5. Indigence And Guilt
6. Embrace
7. The Lord Is My Light
8. Bone Coral And Brine
9. Rudiments of Mutilation
10. In Contempt Of Life

The piercing feedback of opener Dichotomy and the lone screams, create a hellish backdrop for things to come. The improvisational drum fills lead to thirty seconds of electronic blips, ringing guitar and confrontation. Vessel Deserted is an all out attack of raging grind, peppered with slabs of thick doom guitar. It’s dark, angry and the low-end makes everything gloomier, all ending with more hyper-grind style pain.

The quick fire duo of Coven of The larynx and Throbbing Lung Fiber leave no time for rest. They’re both pummelling as hell and encompass time-signatures that change on a dime. There’s no set formula to Full Of Hell’s heaving ferocity, it’s just organic and completely palpable.

The times where they switch from powerviolence-esque passages to sludge impasses are incredible and even the less obvious moments during Indigence And Guilt will leave you smiling, menacingly. The feedback from that song spills into Embrace, which again features some great drum work. At first it seems like an interlude of noise, but the song builds into a swirling mass of spoken word tension and power-electronics inspired guitar. It’s an almost sedate moment amongst the madness, but you know that full chaos is just around the corner. 

It ends suddenly, without the expected climax and Full of Hell take on a demonic black metal form with The Lord Is My Light. It’s minimalistic to begin with. but the volume builds as the textures build and as it’s the longest song on Rudiments Of Mutilation, you’d expect it to build slowly. The music always seems to be on edge. The edginess is completely justified as the song winds to it’s conclusion.

From here on in, Bone Coral And Brine is brief but features more electronic effects that have become part of FoH’s sound and vocals that again take on spoken word form after the initial screaming torture. the title track flows from fast to slow, with high-pitched screams and ambient guitar riffs, that add dark melody to the song. 

There’s a slight pause in the recording before closer In Contempt Of Life which spoils the momentum slightly, but it’s so slight that it’s not really worth worrying about. It’s one final slab of noise infected hardcore that crawls along, dragging you to an early demise.  

You can stream the entire LP via A389's bandcamp page here - 

You can also purchase Rudiments of Mutilation digitally or physically from the same page.

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