Friday 14 March 2014

Axecatcher - Sparks & Spears EP

I've neglected Savour Your Scene Records for far too long. Not anymore! This is another EP I should have reviewed sooner. Axecatcher are a hardcore four-piece from Limavady, Derry. Sparks & Spears was released in early-2013 on very limited cassette via SYSR. While Axecatcher have a more recent EP online, I wanted to start from the beginning.

Live wise, they've played alongside Rotting Out, Ken Mode and Unkind in gigs across both sides of the border, to name some highlights.


1. Circle Pit Roller Derby
2. Seismic Toss
3. Methuselah
4. Youfinder

Like The Colour line in the previous review, Axecatcher have a sense of humour. Circle Pit Roller Derby anyone! Actually, that would be killer. However, they play a different strand of hardcore. One that’s less mind-bending and more party-inducing. Taking cues from the caustic screams of Trash Talk and the snotty punk of Gallows, the aforementioned EP opener blasts passed before you know it. Seismic Toss keeps the pace well and truly up, with added thrash. On occasions like this, there’s no point in going for half-measures and Axecatcher just slays. The cool thing with Seismic Toss is that despite it’s relentless nature, the band manages to make it sound huge, with towering riffs and plenty of treble. Their sludge-ridden breakdown of sorts at the end is headbang-heaven!

Methuselah’s sub one-minute abrasion is controlled by more sludge-like guitar. It’s starts off crusty but  deceives you by slowing down and leading into Youfinder. This has more metal-histrionics but keeps a constant, thanks to the caustic screams. The drums keeps things grounded, the bass adds some lowness to the rhythm section while the guitar just careen through the entire track, at times slipping into tech territory itself. It’s angry, it’s emotive and it’s the kind of hardcore that you could shout from the rooftops too. It’s also a great place to start if you’ve not heard Axecatcher before.

Sparks & Spears can be streamed and downloaded (name-your-price) from Axecatcher's bandcamp page here - 

Savour Your Scene Records still has copies of the tape version for sale here -
Axecatcher Facebook -
Savour Your Scene Records Facebook -

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