Sunday 2 March 2014

Jotnarr - Demo

Taking things in a slightly different direction now is blackened-crust band Jotnarr. Another new addition to the currently bulging UK scene, Jotnarr released their demo in October of last year on tape via new UK label Vetala Productions. On their bandcamp page, the band states that this two-track demo was recorded straight into a tape player using two mics, so chances are it's gonna sound raw.

Jotnarr are another band that like to play live as much as possible, having notched up some great shows since their formation in August. They've played alongside Famine (the subject of the previous review), Harrowed and Moloch as well as tonnes more.


1. I
2. II

I wasn’t wrong when I said this would be raw. I is pretty full of cymbals, symphonic guitar and high-pitched that nestle within it. Live sounding demo’s are the best, because they really harness a band in full flow and Jotnarr show off their experimental sides here. the guitars are the main draw, with the melodic riffs that compliment the dark and cold atmosphere that music gives off.

II eschews the gung-ho spirit of I and instead, builds with a sensitive intro that features some great guitar work, before Jotnarr drag you back into their blackened vortex. Even with the raw production on the tape, you can still pick out subtleties in the songwriting and instrumentation. It may be a step to far for some, but this is what DIY is all about. Part of me wonders what they’ll sound like when they take a step up in terms of recording and production, but this is still mighty fun to listen to.

Listen to it here:-

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