Sunday 9 March 2014

Anodes/Enta - Split 10"

This weekend hasn't been very productive for me. I've managed to intermittently get onto the Internet so far, but it's not been easy, hence why this is my first review of the weekend. Still the sun is shining outside and I've decided to go all screamo on you. This split 10" between St. Louis, MO band Anodes and Champaign, IL band Enta was released in January via Skeletal Lighting. It features two songs from each band and they both offer contrasting sounds an takes on post-hardcore. So, even if this is the only review I write today due to my Internet connection issues, I know it'll be a good one.


1. Anodes - The Same Traps
2. Anodes - Fall And Rise
3. Enta - '78
4. Enta - Words Full of Mouth

Anodes begin their side of this split with The Same Traps and their’s is definitely a harsher take on post-hardcore. More reminiscent of You’ll Live and the more abrasive strands of post-hardcore, though they do still deal in introspective, melodic passages. The dual vocals passages deliver life into the song and the thoughtful guitar underneath, that transitions into feedback ridden post-hardcore noise gives Anodes an atmosphere all of their own.

Fall And Rise is a longer song, allowing Anodes to make more use of the extended 10” format. It carries on where The Same Traps left off, with an abrasive edge. The melody from the guitars though is more generous and inspire of the chaos that surrounds it, it come across really well. out of nowhere though, the mid-section of Fall And Rise changes the mood completely. The volume level lowers and the instrumentation weaves some great textures that seem to build up slowly, as the rhythms get more daring from the drums and the cymbals crash. It feels like it could be leading you to an explosive ending and with just under a minute to go, it does but it’s restrained. It ends a great song.

Enta are a different proposition to Anodes. They are more laid back, with more dean guitar and clean indie-style vocals that segue into screamo tones in ’78. I can see why both Anodes and Enta wanted to share a record like this, because despite their stylistic differences, they compliment each other really well. Also like Anodes, Enta have multiple vocalists amongst their ranks. Three of the four members offer their lungs for the cause. Also, Enta offers songs that are lengthier as well, which allow their song-writing and musicianship more space to be heard.

Their second song Words Full Of Mouth has was on the best build-ups I’ve heard for a long time. The brooding clean guitar is met by a very clever percussion rhythm and majestic leads that sit over the top. It’s a swirling song that passes through different emotional spaces and yet it remains completely cohesive. It’s this kind of thoughtful song-structure that really makes s band special and it rare that you get two bands on a release that share that plaudit. Thankfully both Anodes and Enta have plenty to offer and the sensitivity with which they put themselves across is evident on their music. Really solid music and another two bands that really should be bigger. 

You can stream the whole split below via Anodes bandcamp page:-

It's also available to stream on Enta's band camp page -

Both band camp pages have links to purchase download or physical copies, as well as other merch so check them out.

It's available from Skeletal Lightning here -

Anodes Facebook -
Enta Facebook -
Skeletal Lightning Facebook -

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