Thursday 27 March 2014

Cholera - Plagiarised Hope 7"

I can't believe it's been nearly a year and a half since I reviewed Cholera's first tape Egotism. Well, this noise lot from Durham/Newcastle way are back with a new 7".  They've been buys though, so don't let the time gap between releases fool you. They've lost personnel and gained personnel and they've toured/played shows wherever they can. I finally saw them live at Fuck Fest in Manchester last year and wasn't disappointed.

Plagiarised Hope is six tracks of the noisy grind/hardcore hybrid kind. If that little description seemed a bit too pretentious for you, they're just heavy! The 7"has been released as a collaborative release between Church of Fuck and Holy Ground Records from the US.


1. Eyeless
2. Gristle
3. Anonymous
4. Raped
5. Swelling
6. Puppet

So here goes; shit they don’t mess about! Straight from the off Eyeless is just insane. There’s intense blastbeats, rabid grindcore vox, twin-guitar harmonies and unexpectedly thick sludge riffs! This opening track ain’t even one and half minutes long either. Gristle is a heaving mass of twisted and off-kilter rage, that's gone before you’ve uttered it’s title out loud. Anonymous pretty much follows suit. It’s got more a formula this song, but their are hints of Holy Terror metallic guitar nestled within the noise and a constant bass buzz. The solo mid-way through is a dream. It’s not complicated and just sounds epic!

Cholera have definitely hit a heavy new high with Plagiarised Hope and Raped, is as brutal and as harrowing as the act it describes. You plead for it to be over, but the slow torture stays with you as they settle into a sludgy groove. Electronics pepper the record with alien noise and loops of feedback, but none of it detracts from the musicianship on Swelling. More screaming lead work and drumming which switches pace with ease and changes the atmosphere on a dime. The low-end is a continual presence too, reminding you that Cholera are entrenched in the negative aspects of life. 

When they settle into grooves, like during the verses of Puppet, hints of thrash come to the fore. The blastbeats per minute reduce and a subtle punk-edge draws things to a close. There’s a lot going on within these six tracks and it will take plenty of listens for you to unearth all of the subtleties hidden within, but as it’s a 7” that deserves to be played loud there’s no harm in a bit of turntable abuse. Cholera have upped their game here and put out a marker for the rest of their noisy UK cousins to follow. Now, I’m going to listen to Anonymous over and over again!

You can stream a couple of the tracks from Plagiarised Hope, including Anonymous via Cholera's Soundcloud page here -

The full 7" is also being streamed over at Tight To The Nail here -

You should definitely invest in this record by visiting Church of Fuck or Holy Ground Records at the links below:-

Church of Fuck -
Holy Ground Records -

Cholera Facebook -
Church of Fuck Facebook -
Holy Ground Records Facebook -

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