Sunday 20 January 2013

Unsacred - Three Sisters Tape

Virginian blackened hardcore band Unsacred have just released their Three Sisters EP on cassette via new UK label Invektiv Records. Three Sisters was originally released last year on CD by Broken Limbs Recordings. Their only previous release was a limited cassette entitled Where The Light Dims, that was unleashed in February 2012. In recent times, Unsacred have played alongside tonnes of bands you might recognise, including the likes of Skeletonwitch, Gaza and more recently Triac, so they've obviously got the chops! Three Sisters spans four tracks of crusty, black metal ridden hardcore.


1. I Carry The Weight Alone
2. Lethe
3. Abasement, Loss and Regret (Three Sisters)
4. Torch Circle

A I Carry The Weight Alone rings out from your speakers, the loud almost sludgy guitars envelope you
before Unsacred blast forth with their black metal influences crust. It's furious stuff and as the extended intro dissipates and the vocals come in for the first time, their sound twists into a fast, noisy strain of hardcore. The riffs add some subtle low melody to the songs and have plenty of heft, which they need to have, when competing with the rhythm section and those vocals. Lethe follows on immediately after and it has more of a symphonic black metal leaning in some if it's instrumentation. It absolutely rages from start to finish, with Unsacred sometimes settling for mid-paced sections to hammer their point home. You can certainly hear why these guys have been playing with the likes of Code Orange Kids and Full Of Hell recently. Yes the sound sometimes muddies when everything is going at full pelt, but it's not full-on chaotic. Unsacred do possess a mature sound, with clear instruments thanks to the production job.

Abasement, Loss and Regret (Three Sisters) is a furious two minute beast. That symphonic element is alive again, as is the crusty hardcore sound which makes this tape so good! It's over all too quickly as the last bars fade to reveal tape closer, Torch Circle. Torch Circle see Unsacred change their dynamic, with a calm but haunting intro featuring cleanly plucked guitar played to a background of gusting wind. There's a subtle ambience to the song, as the cymbals crash and the disappear almost a random. After the song slowly builds to a crescendo and three and a half minutes, all the pent up energy is unleashed in the form of probably their gloomiest song. The almost droning, trance like treble from the lead guitar which competes with the vocals for your ears, is astoundingly good. The feeling of impending doom created by Unsacred never lets go of you as it pulls you forward. The sound level seems to increase throughout until the sound that is pouring from you speakers is surrounding your whole world and closing in on all you hold dear!

Never has this sort of music been about instant gratification and with bands like Unsacred releasing material of this quality, you can throw away your mass-produced, corporate rock and listen to something that stirs up real emotion, thoughts and images. This is primal and Unsacred are amazing!

Three Sisters is streaming below:-

The cassette version from Invektiv Records is limited to 50 copies and can be purchased from their webstore at

Broken Limbs Recordings still have CD versions of Three Sisters left, featuring different artwork at, if you live in the US.

Usacred can be found at or at
Invektiv Record are at and at
Broken Limbs Recordings are at and at

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