Monday 14 January 2013

The Plot In You - Could You Watch Your Children Burn

The Plot In You unleashes their new album "Could You Watch Your Children Burn" tomorrow. This Ohio based metalcore band have been together since 2010 and with an EP and an album to their name, plus shows alongside the likes of Whitechapel and Unearth happening as we speak, 2013 is sure to be a big year for these guys.


1. Premeditated
2. Fiction Religion
3. Digging Your Grave
4. Population Control
5. Troll
6. The Devil’s Contract
7. Shyann Weeps
8. Sober And Soulless
9. Bible Butcher
10. Glad You’re Gone

Could You Watch Your Children Burn begins with Premeditated. Initial impressions are good, the screams are brutal and the clean sections are slick, the guitars and drums mix it up as well. Their sound seems to be held back slightly by a production which puts the instruments low in the mix and tones down their volume. The Plot In You use plenty of effects in their music, but they sound different. They're metallic and actually add something to the record.

Fiction Religion is a bit of a revelation as it features some great low, death metal vox. This song harks back to early Slipknot in some places, which I read was an influence on the record in one interview they'd done previously. It's not too far away actually in some of the heavier parts of their music. There's an underlying hip-hop influence going on as well, much like a lot of early nu-metal.

It's a very angry album, lyrically anyway, especially in Digging Your Grave. The good thing about this record is that it seems to get heavier as each new song kicks in. The crunching riffs and Fear Factory style drumming at the start of Population Control makes sure that TPIY get your attention. There's a subtle djent influence in the song too, which is tempered by the saccharine chorus.

That death metal influence gets intensified during Troll. Those riffs, while modern, are undeniably heavy and this is one of the standout tracks on the album for me. The Plot In You stick to standard length songs here too, each lasting between the three-four minute mark. Thanks to the ideas and skill the band possesses though, the song lengths don't matter as there's plenty going on.

The Devil's Contract features some pretty sick, almost black metal growls, which is surprising to hear. The anger that seeps it's way through the record actually makes it better, as it's controlled within the music. The Plot in You take a different path with Sober and Soulless, which acts as a sort of ballad, even if it contains some screaming! It's a really well written song, where the band makes use of Landon Tewers' clean vocals. The structure of the song is more akin to a proper hardcore song, more straightforward than the rest of the album.

The album finishes with two final blasts of TPIY's brand of metalcore, with Bible Butcher and Glad You're Gone. By this point, TPIY sound very assured and settled. Bible Butcher is heavy and Glad You're Gone relies more on their more melodic sound. Both are excellent closers to an album, which seems like a bit of a breakaway from the current sound of US metalcore. I actually really enjoyed it and I know that kids will lap this up, it's retro throw backs to nu-metal and simpler times is a good thing and one which may actually get these guys a wider fan base.

The records itself doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere, but you can hear sample tracks via The Plot In You's Facebook page at

You can also pick up the album and other merch from

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