Friday 11 January 2013

Reparation - Guidance & Hallucinations

This is the second of four Witch Hunter Records reviews I am doing. I reviewed Limb's recent EP a little while back and now it's the turn of Reparation's new tape. Reparation are a West Midlands based hardcore band and this tape brings together their two previous EPs, Guidance and Hallucinations.

Side A - Guidance EP
1. Detain
2. Mea Vulnera
3. Nirvana Samsara

Side B - Hallucinations EP
4. Split Realities
5. Smoked Generations
6. The Excuse

Reparation say their sound is for fans of bands like Brutality Will Prevail  and Last Witness and actually, that isn't far off. It's more of a straight up hardcore style than what I've come to expect from Witch Hunter, but it's got a great British feel to it, showing that the band aren't just copying their brutal US Cousins. Detain on the A side is quite mid paced, but has plenty of bite and mosh in it. Mea Vulnera immediately has a more sinister feel to it straight from the opening riff. They slow the songs tempo down towards the middle of the song, before picking back up at various points with a thrash influenced passage. Melodic guitar is heard in places, which brings another dimension to it too. Nirvana Samsara is the last song on the A side. It's features some pretty epic drumming and atmospheric guitar work. The vocals remind a bit of Rob Flynn of Roger Miret at times, but that's just my interpretation, they still fit the music really well and don't come across as plagiarised.

Side B features the three tracks of Reparation's Hallucinations EP and Split Realities is first up. It has a darker feel to it, with lower and angrier vocals initially. Things are more metallic on it and you can definitely hear a progression from the Guidance EP. This side of the tape seems to go by faster than the first side. It features more urgency but doesn't feel rushed. Reparation keep their momentum going straight through the tape, with no let up. Closer The Escape demonstrates that. With plenty of dark touches to the riffs and music in general, Reparation have embodied what modern day hardcore is in the UK. It sums up the grey, grim outlook that we face and out of it comes something positive and meaningful. More like this please!

Check a stream of this tape out below:-

The digital version of the tape is available on the above bandcamp page as a name your price download, but alternatively if you're like me and you like physical releases, you can pick up a tape copy from Witch Hunter Records at

Be sure to drop by Reparation's Facebook page too at

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