Thursday 17 January 2013

Knife Crimes - Complete Discography

This short lived Manchester band were/are something of an enigma. Knife Crimes burst forth at the back end of 2011, released a demo tape through Church Of Fuck which sold out in record time, destroyed live venues with the likes of Integrity and Xibalba and the disappeared back into the undergrowth at the end of 2012. This complete discography was released around the same time as a posthumous release and features all of their recorded output.


1. World Past Saving
2. Field of Flames
3. Heathen Reign
4. Cold Cross
5. Burnt Eden
6. Death Hymn

Knife Crimes certainly made one hell of an ungodly racket. World Past Saving in my view should have been renamed Ears Past Saving. It's hardcore with on sense of the modern day trapping of "popular core" and brings to mind early Deathwish bands like the chaotic early sound of Converge mixed with Cursed. The vocals cry out through crazed screams, the feedback whirls around you like an eternal tornado and the drums pound like a demonic metronome!

Field of Flames takes on a more thrashy form after the sludge ridden intro. Those crossover elements and gang vocals remind me why I love their demo tape so much! At one point, vocalist Oliver screams "I Want To Watch The World Burn" and if it had while these guys were still together, this song would have heralded the end. Knife Crimes use the blueprint of metallic hardcore and throw in British flair, anger and brimstone all in the name of atavistic hardcore. Heathen Reign shows an anti-religious streak, not only in the song-title, but also in the way they deliver this aural beating.

Their songs gradually get more tar thick with sludge, the further they and with it comes the feeling of utter uselessness and despair.  Cold Cross features intermittent slabs of low dirge, but it's enough to pound you six feet under. Burnt Eden takes that aforementioned tar and thickens it up with the help of some monumental riffs and a song which winds it's way through over six minutes of absolute mental torture. Death Hymn is an acoustic track which is the bonus song on this discography. It's a beautiful song, where the lightly plucked guitar is at complete odds with those tortured screams, yet both seem to work perfectly.
It's like that final blow before you depart this sorry world!

Listen here:-

Once again, it's available as a name-your-price download from the Bandcamp page above or you can purchase a limited CD from Witch Hunter Records at

Also, two new bands have formed out of the ashes of Knife Crimes - Old Skin and True Destroyer Make sure you check out both bands.

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