Thursday 31 January 2013

Borg 64 - Anywhere But Here EP

For years now, bands have looked to other countries for inspiration. None more so that the Swedish metal scene, due to the sheer number of bands who have risen from that part of the world. We constantly innovate, especially in the UK, daring to be different. This little insight brings me neatly onto the subject of this review. The band called Borg 64, from Lulea, Sweden. Borg 64 may have been better known in the past as a drum and bass act, but they turned their hands to hardcore punk soon afterwards and have staunchly refused to follow the pack, instead choosing the electronic sounds of a drum machine rather than a human. They released two records and then went on a seven year hiatus. Anywhere But Here is their new EP, due for release on the 18th of February through Discouraged Records.


1. Death To False Power Chords
2. Late Night At Quarks
3. Judge Jury Executioner Talkshow Host
4. Lulea

Well this unexpected. Crazed hardcore punk with a drum machine tuned to overdrive and tonnes of electronic gubbins thrown in. Opener Death To False Power Chords is just utterly mental. As a starting point for those who aren't familiar with Borg 64, think of Refused and Enter Shikari playing together and you'll be close, but that's a lazy comparison in my view. The 8-bit blips of electronics that pierce the music provide the melody here. The guitars are heavy and the vocals, while not being especially harsh, fit the music really well. Late Nights At Quarks is even more brain rattling. This song relies more on those blips and the drum and bass influences from Borg 64's early days.

I just can't get over the brazen ingenuity on show here. Stuff all of those crossover acts that have cropped up recently like The Browning and Eskimo Callboy, these guys are way better, more original and have integrity. The hardcore they inject into their songs is definitely inspired by their fellow hardcore countrymen and it's just refreshing to hear. Plus, you get over the drum machine after a very short time too! The EP is only four songs in length, with the title track also closing it. Lulea is probably the heaviest song on the EP, in terms actual hardcore punk. The guitars drive threw the whole track, providing bite and the odd bit of melody. 

I think this EP sounds epic and it just proves that experimenting and not following the crowd is the only way to go. Heck, that's why I'm reviewing it! Unashamedly awesome!

This will be released on 10" vinyl in February by Discouraged Records and it's not streaming anywhere as yet, but you can get a taster of Borg 64 by checking out the video for Death To False Power Chords below:-

Keep an eye on Discouraged Records for more news if you like what you hear -

Borg 64 have their own webpage at, which is yet to be fully unleashed, but in the meantime you can find out more on Facebook at

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