Thursday 17 January 2013

Old Wounds - II

Well, It's snowing outside again, but I've decided to stay in doors and mosh! First up today is this three track CD from New Jersey hardcore band Old Wounds. It was released at the back end of the last year by Witch Hunter Records. I've heard a lot mentioned about Old Wounds and even though this afternoons session was intended to shine a light of some British bands, I can't begrudge these guys thanks to their place on the roster of one of our most up and coming labels.


1. Deviant Minds
2. Bleak
3. Wet

Hardcore is turning into a bit of an uncontrollable beast of late, with bands from all corners of the world tearing up the original blueprint and throwing in all kinds of sounds and influences. Old Wounds do this with the help of metallic noise and ambivalent screams. In Deviant Minds you get all of the sludgy, heavy blackened textures that are coming out of our own scene at the moment, but with it a sense of originality and relief that they are not content with just sounding like their peers in the rest of the US.

Bleak is what it says on the tin. The punky intro riffs make way for a mid-paced song with screams that would grate your face at a hundred feet. Old Wounds win out as they prefer to keep their songs short and sweet, and free from fat! This was originally two tracks, but the Witch Hunter version features the bonus track Wet, which was recorded completely live and wasn't edited or touched up. This song really highlights the energy of the band and seems to inject an extra shot of narcotics into their sound. The vocals sound rawer and the low-end rumbles deeper. It's two  minutes of pure metallic hatred! You need to get this CD. It may be short but boy does it slay!

Hear it for yourselves below:-

You can pick II up as a name-your-price download from the above bandcamp page or you can buy the lovely, limited edition CD from the Witch Hunter Records store at The choice is yours!

Old Wounds are on Facebook at
Witch Hunter Records are at

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