Sunday 20 January 2013

CorruptxMoralxAltar - Luciferian Deathcult

So, the review machine rages on. This is the new EP from Liverpool noise machine Corrupt Moral Altar. It  follows hot off the heels of their previous demo Needle Drugs, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It's been released by new Liverpudlian label Baitin The Trap Records, which is run by Iron Witch bassist Rick Owen and is the label's first release (god there's a few firsts on here today!). It's seven tracks of noisy, punk ridden grind that doesn't stick to any formula.

1. Play Stupid Games And Win Stupid Prizes
2. Stray Dog
3. Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars
4. Power Whore
5. Flattening Of The Cultural Pyramid
6. Profondo Rosso
7. You Don't Have To Go To Clown College

Luciferian Deathcult shares three of it's tracks with previous demo Needle Drugs. It start though with a new track. Play Stupid Games And Win Stupid Prizes is tantamount to aural terrorism. The almost screeching vocal mixed with the constant guitar and drum battering sets out CxMxA's stall early. Stray Dog should be familiar to those who've checked out their Needle Drugs demo. It begins with a short, sludgy intro before CxMxA launch into a groove. For a song that's less than two minutes long, it's full of passion and ideas and seems to last a lot longer. You probably won't find a heavier song this year.

Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars is another the song that first appeared on Needle Drugs. CxMxA launch straight into before Stray Dog have even finished, so to keep their momentum up. They throw in more of their groovy, doomy influences here and the lower vocals add a real moody atmosphere to the record. Power Whore is the second of four new tracks on Luciferian Deathcult and it the first of a trio. It seems more stripped down to begin with, featuring a single chuggy guitar riff during the opening verse, but it's long before CxMxA hit the full power switch again. Flattening The Cultural Pyramid is the next newbie and it seems more immediate straight away. There's some great guitar dissonance on show, which creates something akin to melody, but only briefly.

At this point it's worth noting the production of the EP, with allows it to both careen along at full pace and still allows each band member to be heard on their respective instrument. On a heavy record like this, sometimes the control on the recording is lost, but not here. Profondo Rosso closes out the new material with aplomb. Low and heavy. It's like the sloth of the group, compared to the rest of the EP, as it drags itself along. The guitars are very much the focal point again and compete with the vocals, which in turn brings the volume up to neighbour annoying levels.

Luciferian Deathcult closes out with You Don't Have To Go To Clown College, and with it the last embers of your hearing. I said this when I reviewed Needle Drugs, but I've not come across a band this heavy for quite some time. They prove that it's not all about super-human double bass drums or breakdowns and stick to their own blueprint throughout. In conclusion, get this record before is sells out, as it's gonna!

Luciferian Deathcult is streaming on Baitin The Trap's bandcamp page below:-

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