Tuesday 9 October 2012

Revel In Flesh - Deathevokation

It's been a while since I reviewed an actual, full-length album, so I thought I bring you some full on, 90's worshipping death metal from German nuts Revel In Flesh. Revel In Flesh formed in autumn 2011 out of the ashes of fellow German deathsters Immortal Rites and also features members of Dawn of Dreams and German DM veterans Apophis.

Revel In Flesh haven't wasted any time either, as shortly after they formed they went into the studio with none other than Dan Swano, to record their debut album Deathevokation, which has been released by FDA Rekotz.


1. Culpa Et Inferna
2. Shadowbreeder
3. Wings of Death
4. Iron Coffin
5. Bloodfeast
6. Slavish Obedience
7. Opus Putrescense
8. Black Paled Elegy
9. Crowned in Darkness
10. Subconscious Error

The excitement is palpable as the scary intro builds. Revel In Flesh play ruthlessly efficient death metal, which you'd expect from our German cousins. It’s got a great sound, the riffs are fast but with good melodic twists and the rhythm section pounds you. The vocals range from low deathly growls, to the higher screams which are characteristic of the death metal genre. There’s also a hint of black metal peeping through, mainly down to the evilness of the music, and this is just opening song Culpa Et Inferna! At the start of Shadowbreeder, the guitars seem to have a thickness too them, one that makes it sound like there's about twenty playing at once! There aren’t obviously twenty guitarists and there doesn't need to be, as this record slays as it is! It's been a while since I've listened to some death metal and where sometimes, bands can sound a bit boring and samey, Revel In Flesh do a great job of sounding varied and exciting. Plenty of chops and expression make initial impressions good.

Wings of Death seems to fly by in a whirlwind of buzzsaw guitar and anthemic death metal madness! I think the melodic hints that Revel In Flesh throw in make this record even better, as It's something I can relate instead of just being all out, pig squealingly unlistenable. The use of the semi-breakdown midway through Wings of Death is brutal, showing they are not afraid to get down and dirty when needed! Next comes what could be described as their death metal epic! The seven-minute long Iron Coffin. It brings to mind a sound you'd get if Sourvein or Crowbar turned death. It's mid-paced, slightly sludgy and heavy as hell. The double bass is brilliantly effective here and the syncopated riffs sound awesome! The vocals are almost so low, only demons in the depths of hell can hear them!

The songs go back to being shorter blasts from here on in. Bloodfeast rages, with the drums leading the way, daring the rest of the band to catch them up. The pace is measured and things don't get out of hand. The sample at the start of Slavish Obedience allows you some respite, but this is short lived as they launch straight back into it before you've even caught your breath! You're also passed the midpoint of Deathevokation now and you're well and truly sucked in! Revel in Flesh show they are pretty adept at the old death groove too. A prime example is the closing bars of Slavish Obedience. By the time Opus Putrescence hits you, you don't know which way is up and you're baying for blood. The evil envelopes you and if someone were to take a picture of you, I'm pretty sure your eyes would be glowing red.

I've given up headbanging to this, as I don't have long hair so can't windmill and my head is about to come off my neck, such is the awesomeness of Black Paled Elegy. Instead, I'll sit here, jaw agape1. There's darker imagery painted by the sample at the end, to remind you that you're not listening to puny pop! As Crowned in Darkness comes into view, you realise you've only got two songs left. The songs so far have been the right lengths and not too long or obtuse, which is good. Revel In Flesh really hit their stride and create a great sound, partly thanks to the usual Unisound studios mastering job. Subconscious Error ends the torture with an initial drum intro that sounds like a drum n bass sample, only until Revel In Flesh swing into action for one last time.

Pure and simple, this is a great sounding death metal album. One that nods to the past while sounding fresh amongst a sea of pretenders. The collective experiences of the members make it what it is, with great musicianship and song writing craft. All hail Revel In Flesh!

As far as I can tell, this record isn't streaming anywhere but you can find various Youtube videos on the bands Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revel-in-Flesh.

As well as that, pay their website a visit at  http://revelinflesh.jimdo.com and buy Deathevokation on CD or vinyl from FDA Rekotz at www.fda-rekotz.com.

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