Saturday 27 October 2012

Cholera - Egotism Tape

There's something about tapes that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. In spite of my self-professed love for vinyl recently, I find tapes to be equally as special. None more so than those currently being put out by Manchester base label Church of Fuck. This is their latest release and it comes in the form of new Durham based Grind/Hardcore band Cholera.

This is the first recorded output from Cholera to be released unto the masses and as you can see from the pic below, the tape is quality -

The tape itself features seven quickfire grind tracks and with all the one word song-titles, it proves that Cholera ain't messing about.

Tracklist -

1. Wake
2. Omen
3. Origin
4. Leper
5. Soiled
6. Cult
7. Corvus

This is very much in the same vein as the other releases that CoF have put out so far. Focused, angry noise with a hardcore blueprint. Wake is a feedback ridden, instrumental opener featuring just guitar, but it sound pretty standoff-ish. Omen follows directly on and batters you pretty much senseless. The vocals here are quite different. They're not low as you'd expect but throw out more of a high-pitched bark, which is actually pretty cool.  Cholera choose not to stick to the same blasting pace throughout the song and slow things down mid-way through, is a semi-sludge kind of way. As you'd expect, the bass is pretty prominent too.

Origin is just two minutes of straight feedback and hard as hell, fast power violence. It's the soundtrack that would be playing if you were unfortunate enough to be ravaged by a bear! Leper has that huge slow burn to it. The kind that would make you loose control of your bowels, even before they've hit the brown note! Then with very little warning, it proceeds to drill itself into your central cortex.

The constant noise/feedback theme on Egotism makes it a disconcerting listen, even for those who consider themselves to kvlt. Soiled comes and goes in a total flash and leads straight into Cult. Again crushingly heavy, but with a nice subtle instrumental interlude buried within, which is your reward if lived this long! Final song Corvus is the final feedback drenched song and by virtue if it's playing time, is practically Cholera's rock opera! That dirge ridden low end makes an appearance again and it's got a very different vibe to it.

The growls sound at least an octave lower to begin with, until about a minute in when things return to normal. The sludginess disappears and back comes the grinding, hardcore attack. And so it ends how it has begun, noisily. What a tape! If you like your hardcore deep and dirty and don't mind some head-spinningly loud feedback, get this now!

As with all the other CoF releases, you can stream this whole tape via their Bandcamp page below:-

To pick up your copy of Egotism, hit up either Cholera at or go to the Church of Fuck webstore at

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