Sunday 7 October 2012

Moloch/Closure - Split 7"

This split comes from the same label as the Horders LP I reviewed earlier. Feast Of Tentacles have been putting out rad records for quite sometime now, is this 7" is the latest. It contains music from two of our best heavy bands, Moloch from Nottingham, which features the FoT head honcho Chris amongst it's ranks and Leeds based band Closure. This also marks the last recordings done by Closure before they finish and disperse into new projects.

Feast Of Tentacles have put this record out alongside US label King Of The Monsters Records.


Moloch -
1. All Eyes Blind

Closure -
2. Drown
3. Confined
4. Constant Pain
5. Tyrant

The music spewed forth by Moloch and Closure could not be more different. Moloch presents one song, All Eyes Blind, which draws on the more drawn out, sludgy side of the hardcore spectrum. The rhythm section and bass guitar rumble and the guitar clear a path through the swampy atmosphere. Those crazed vocals that sit atop of it all sound mental! The riffs are low and the pace of the song lurches from slow to slower. If you're familiar with the like of Eyehategod and the like, you'll find plenty to enjoy here. It comes across really well on vinyl too, with the wax allowing it to sound really organic and somewhat more brutal. Closure presents four tracks at a total running time of about five minutes in all, which is still a minute shy of the one Moloch song.  This should give you a clue as to the speed at which Closure play.

Their style here is more akin to power-violence ridden hardcore. Drown kicks things off in chaotic fashion. They also make use of their low end to great effect. The volume is big! They do find time though to slow things down to a sludgy pace at times and this just adds to their heaviness. An example of this is in the opening bars of second song Confined. They play at breakneck speed only momentarily when the vocals are in full flow. The opening riffs of Constant Pain mixed with the occasional feedback, thicken the atmosphere formidably. The way Closure's songs follow on from each other allows them to keep their momentum, just like at the end of Constant Pain as it blurs into the opening of Tyrant. Closure end on a bowel crushing high here, with some subtle dirty southern groove poking it's hear through the mire. It end abruptly and with it, so do Closure.

This split works really well and does a great job of showing off two of our best-known underground bands. Both bands demonstrate the UK hardcore scene's love for downtuned sludge worship and show that are still the best at it. It’s sad that Closure have called it a day, as on this record they've been mighty, as on previous records. Moloch underline their reputation too, as they carry on marching forward in their quest for creative aural destruction. Basically, you need this split like you need air, water and food!

You won't find any of these songs on bandcamp pages but the entire record is being streamed via Cvlt Nation at

You can buy this 7" from either Feast Of Tentacles at or from King Of The Monsters Records at

Moloch can be found at
Closure can be found at

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