Sunday 21 October 2012

Gouge - Doomed To Death 7"

This is last review I'm doing today and the last of the six Hells Headbangers reviews. This is the latest 7" from Norwegian death metal band Gouge. On record, Gouge are a duo and they started in 2011. This is their debut four track EP that was released earlier this year and they come approved by none other than Fenriz from Darkthrone, so they must be doing something right.

Tracklist - 

1. Ritual of Gore

2. Evil Town Of Mud
3. Doomed To Death
4. Nuclear Vomit

Judging by that fact that Gouge are a Norwegian Duo, I was expecting Doomed To Death to be totally necro, brutal death metal and it was! Ritual of Gore was full of flailing drums and killer guitar lines, including an obligatory wailing solo. The vocals from Christoffer Bråthen were quality, low growls too which I like. Evil Town of Mud begins with a doom dirge of an intro, before the blasting death metal comes flying at you again. It's pure old-school worship at it's best and it's easy to see why it was picked up by Hells Headbangers to release.

The title track is up next, starting with a skewed kind of sample featuring some jazz piano and then out of the blue, Gouge hit the ground running again. Thanks to the production on the record, you get chills on the back you neck and you sit jaw agape, wondering what Gouge sound like in a live setting. I hope they come to the UK soon!
Those blood curdling screams are especially chilling! The last salvo, the affectionately named Nuclear Vomit again features a doom inspired intro, which adds to this bands repertoire really well. When they are thrashing away, they are at their best but when they slow things down, they sound equally as heavy and menacing. Just listen to the end of the song to see what I mean.

This is another great example of the different strands of death metal that are coming from Scandinavia at the moment and long may it continue!

Again, you can hear teasers of this 7" on Hells Headbanger's Bandcamp page below:-

The record can be purchased at

You can throw your horns at Gouge on Facebook at

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