Sunday 21 October 2012

Heavy Cross - Street Wolf 7"

So I'm down to the penultimate review from my series of review on recent Hells Headbangers vinyl only releases. This one is the new two track 7" by Heavy Cross. I've been able to find out an awful lot about these guys, apart from that they are influenced by Scandinavian bands like Heavy Load and Gotham City and also NWOBHM.


1. Street Wolf

2. Red Light Woman

As soon as Street Wolf begins you get that NWOBHM sound from the guitars and it's rockin! The vocals are classing heavy metal, especially when the harmonised backing vocals come in. The coolest part for me though is the cleanly picked guitar, especially when it's got so much melody. They slow things down towards the middle of the song, so you can catch your breath and they can build up atmosphere for the rousing closing. This is some of the best heavy metal I've heard in quiet some time.

The B-side Red Light Woman is just as good as the A-side. The lyrics are every bit as you'd expect, but what more could you ask for from a song called Red Light Woman!
I remember a certain big American modern metal band did a song in a similar style on an outtakes record, but it sounded slightly out of place and contrived, whereas this sound authentic and Heavy Cross do a great job of sounding true to their sound.

In my view, two songs are just not enough here, I want more. They've hit the nail on the head with their sound and while it may not be fast enough for some, it reminds me of a simpler time before sub-genres and scene hopping bands and it's great fun to boot!

You can hear teasers of both these songs at Hells Headbanger's Bandcamp page below:-

If you like the teasers, go and pick up a copy of the 7" from

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