Friday 5 October 2012

Coilguns/Nvrvd - Split 10"

Now here's a record you can get excited about! It's a split 10" featuring Swiss noise-monger's Coilguns and Germany's latest hardcore export Nvrvd (Never Void). It's been released by four labels in collaboration, Dead Dead Dead Music, Savour Your Scene Records, Invektiv Records and Hummus Records.

Coilguns have previously released a twelve inch, called Stadia Rods, also through Dead Dead Dead Music and reviewed a while ago on here. They play a mad amalgamation of hardcore/d-beat/grind and black metal. Nvrvd are a new band to me. They are a trio and play gloomy hardcore, inspired by bands like Converge and Disfear.

It features two tracks from both bands, brimming with chaos.


1. Mandarin Hornet (Coilguns)
2. Dewar Flasks (Coilguns)
3. Hungry for Needs (Nvrvd)
4. Direktore (Nvrvd)

Coilguns side begins with the seven minute Mandarin Hornet and foreboding, clean guitar. The music takes a turn after that short intro and morphs into a mid-paced, heavy dirge, with angular riffs and impressive drumming. It's a prolonged passage of instrumental music that gets things going. About three minutes in, Coilguns hit full stride, with some impressive and angry hardcore screams. It pretty experimental and very hard to pin down to one specific genre. There are moments of full-blown, grind inspired mayhem and moments of introspective serenity, however these don't last very long at all. It's very ambitious and when listened to at high volume, pretty scathing too. Dewar Flasks is where the grind influence takes flight. After the initial wall of feedback, a fast, dissonant song appears. It's a very different beast to Mandarin Hornet. It's more urgent and has a punky feel as well. It underlines the variance that Coilguns inject into their sound.

Nvrvd are a different proposition. The underlying hardcore influence is still present, but with a more traditional take on song structures and a pretty rad rock n roll inspired schtick. The ringing guitar that underpins Hungry For Needs gives this song a danceable feel and when you add in the heavier riffs, you've got an instant shot of caffeine-induced heaviness. Direktore is written in the same vibe, but with the low-end more prevalent this time. They slow things down slightly at times to add atmosphere and use dual deep screams to add texture. The guitar and bass work together really well and for a three piece, they make an unholy racket. This song weighs in at just under three minutes, but thanks to the ideas and vision of Nvrvd, it seems much longer and action packed. Their sound at times brings to mind Gallows (circa Orchestra of Wolves), but they've got their own personality and this is a great introduction to their music.

Now, that isn't all. If you've ordered this record (like me), you'll have been sent a download link, so you can download the songs contained on it, but you also get four bonus live tracks that are not on the record.

Bonus tracklist:-

1. Parkensine (Coilguns)
2. Mastoid (Coilguns)
3. Son Of Man (Nvrvd)
4. Null and Void (Nvrvd)

Once again starting with Coilguns and their first track is a live rendition of Parkensine, that opened their Stadia Rods LP. This gives you an insight into the live fury of the band. They allow their records to take on the sound that they transmit live and here they cross. This is a ferocious song and thanks to the great production, it comes across really well. Sometimes, live songs loose their impact due to limitations but this is just as it would sound on record. The sludgy passages are brutal midway through, giving you a sense of the claustrophobia that would be felt if you were stood up close to them. They pick the pace up again in the second part and finish with hardcore abandon and some really cool, angular melodic riffs. It's all pretty maddening! On Mastoid, vocalist Louis sounds possessed during his opening screams. It's a shrill noise that is created but fits the music perfectly and sets the scene for another crushing song. It again has more great experimental touches and just underlines the skill of Coilguns as musicians.

Nvrvd start here with Son Of Man, which is even crazier. This is a song that will have your jaw on the floor. There are riffs that are reminiscent of At The Drive-In at their least radio friendly and crazed, deep vocals reminiscent of a death/black metal band. Again the production is right on the money here. Null and Void seems like a heftier beast in terms of structure and texture, but it's no less vibrant. Again, like Coilguns before them, Nvrvd's musicianship is pretty astounding. While some listeners won't be able to spot the subtle differences in the two band's sounds, each have their own personality. Nvrvd accentuate their chaotic sound on Null and Void by throwing in a great, semi-improv instrumental section, which features some nice jazz inspired moments. It ends on a dime and they lurch back into their hardcore racket.

So, in summary you really are spoiled with this release. It shows off two forward thinking bands from fertile European scene's, who've come together with the sole aim of smashing you too pieces with controlled ferocity. Both the 10" songs and those live tracks are awesome and I can't wait to get my copy in the post! 

Talking of those songs, they can all be heard via Dead Dead Dead Music's own bandcamp page below:-

You can order the record itself from the following places:-

Dead Dead Dead Music - 
Savour Your Scene Records - 
Invektiv Records - 
Hummus Records - 

Coilguns are on Facebook at 
Nvrvd are at 

So what are you waiting for? You need this!

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