Friday 19 October 2012

Nunslaughter - Cerebus 7" (Pictue disc)

I told you I had a second Nunslaughter record coming! This time, it's purely theirs. It features four more tracks, two from the studio and two rehearsal tracks. This was originally released in 2003, without the bonus tracks, which are rehearsal versions of the original two tracks.

Tracklist -

1. Mother Cunt Whore (Studio Track)
2. Cerebus (Studio Track)
3. Mother Cunt Whore (Rehearsal)
4. Cerebus (Rehearsal)

So I'll start with the studio tracks. Immediately Mother Cunt Whore's sound is more akin to earlier death metal releases, with the instrumentation buried underneath those rasping growls. Nunslaughter like to keep a faithful sound and it's recreated well on this reissue. It still sounds every bit as brutal as they intended first time round and it's a rousing song, which is over before you know it. The title track Cerebus follows the same blueprint, but includes some wicked screeching guitar and unnerving gargled, low vocals. There's more that thrash sound to Nunslaughter's music, but without overpowering their staple death metal. I really like the fact the lyrics are audible yet are masked behind those blood curdling growls.

The rehearsal versions of these two songs give you an idea of what they sound like live. The guitars actually sound deeper here and that gives Mother Cunt Whore more of a twisted edge. The great thing about the inclusion of these songs is that, Nunslaughter throw more ideas in which increase the length of the songs. Cerebus again sounds like a strain of pure, possessed evil. Some people may prefer the clearness of the studio songs, but these rawer live songs are great additions too.

Again, it's another good record and it's cool because you don't see many bands doing this type of studio/live song thing very often. The rehearsal songs are usually cast aside as bonus tracks on countless compilations, but Nunslaughter use them to their advantage. Pure old-school death metal at it's mightiest.

Once again, you can purchase this record from Hells Headbangers at and you can interact with Nunslaughter via either or

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