Saturday 28 January 2012

Wayfarer - Algiz/Eihwaz Cassette

Carry The Weight contacted me recently about reviewing the 3 tracks by Wayfarer that are being specially released in a box set shortly. The tracks are tasters of what's to come on the LP, due to be released later in the year.

First track Nithing begins with an almost Metallica-esque acoustic intro, where the feedback builds to head-spinning levels, before stopping dead to then reveal Wayfarer's brand of hardcore. The song has a sense of thrash too it, before those evil low vocals kick in. There are some great grooving riffs in the song and a wicked screaming solo. It's a great track to start on. The second track is an instrumental. The bass at the start gives it a sludgy feel, especially as it's played over the top of more wailing feedback. The drums keep a steady beat as the guitar strides on, with another great solo bringing a euphoric-ness to proceedings. The spoken word sample elements also add a great dimension to the song. There are a lot of good elements to this instrumental which make it more than just another instrumental track, and it's definitely not filler. It builds and becomes heavier, with some crashing riffs and continues to pile forward towards a climactic end. Third track Aelfadl, is as immediate as it could get. There's  no time to prepare as Wayfarer's hardcore kicks you in the head straight from the off. It's heavy! It again shows off the brand of hardcore that is becoming synonymous with the UK right now, heavy, crushing hardcore, with an emphasis on slower, meatier riffs. If this is just a taster of what's to come from Wayfarer, later in the year, then I can't wait!

Unfortunately, the special cassette box sets are already sold out via Carry The Weight record and will never be repressed, but you can listen to the tracks via Wayfarer's Facebook page at

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