Sunday 15 January 2012

Moshpit Tragedy review series - Part 2 - Alarido

The second review I've decided to bring you, in my Moshpit Tragedy series, is this three track demo by Las Vegas crust band Alarido. Alarido are a three-piece blackened crust band, who recorded this self titled demo in December 2010.

The demo begins with a song, simply entitled I. It begins quietly, with slowly building, lightly plucked guitar, which builds for the first two and half minutes, before launching into Alarido's filthy, fast-paced crust. It brings to mind Napalm Death, with it's chaotic mix of d-beat drumming and ravaged screams. This is pure, crusty grindcore at it's most violent. This song, unlike most, stretched for just over ten minutes which is fairly uncharacteristic of a crust band. The chaos breaks about halfway through and gives way to more lightly plucked guitar and percussion. Alarido are able to reduce the pace of their battering at this point. The second part of the song grooves more and takes on a more evil sound, before launching back at you at frenetic pace. The time changes help to break up the brutality and add more depth and variation to the track. The muddy production of the demo, does make it feel like an old-school black metal song and adds to the chaotic sound that is there to make you feel insecure and oppressed. The slightly sludgy guitar riffs toward the end, adding another dimension to their sound.

Second track, II, is a faster track, more to point and in your face. There's a bigger sense of Alarido's blackened punk influence, with those screams once again unsettling the listener. The urgency of the song, adding another dimension to Alarido's sound in the process. Final track, III, is driven on by crashing cymbals and frenetic, razor riffing. It drills home that sense of pure despair that comes from Alarido's sound. Overall, this short demo brings home two sides to a band that are fairly new. The quiet, Hispanic-inspired guitar parts are a great contrast to the rest of the songs. The production is as you'd expect from a crust demo, and it's filthy and evil. This is definitely for those who are more entrenched in crusts evil ways, but shows great promise to come from a band playing at the more extreme end of the genre. Pure nuts!

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