Sunday 29 January 2012

Foxxes - Forget The Rain EP

Unfortunately, this is another release I've been sitting on recently, for no particular reason, but seen as the stuff I've reviewed lately has blown me away, I thought I ought to pull my finger out a review this EP.

Foxxes are a hardcore band that hails from Cardiff. They are signed to Italian label Strikedown Records, so they're in good hands.

Forget The Rain begins with rousing intro track, Darkest Days to get you mood. It's all driving guitar and speeding drums. Second track Only In Dreams I'm Alive, is when the EP properly kicks in. It's well produced, modern metal infused hardcore that's on offer, with great angry, anguished screams. There is a slight rawness to the way the guitars sit in the mix, but it does add something different to the music, as the guitars seem to fade in and out at certain points throughout the song and you get a real sense of the energy that is being shown by vocalist Cameron.

This is more straightforward hardcore, with a big emphasis on strong guitar and a very impressive rhythm section. I can imagine that Foxxes would create a hell of a wall of sound during their live shows. They don't rely on tricks or effects to make their point, they use good old, honest musicianship and skill to reel in the listener. It's the pounding, no nonsense approach that makes Forget The Rain so good. The songs don't overstay their welcome, and make the EP more rousing as a result.

The melodic edge of the band does show through as well, especially on fifth track Winters Alone, and if I had to compare them to anyone, I think it would have to be the short lived Hundred Reasons/A side-project The Lucky Nine. I'm not sure why though, but I thinks it's probably to do with those guitars and the way the whole band just plows on, not over-complicating things, but you can make your own minds up.

Sixth song and title track provides a bit of solace before Foxxes launch into probably their heaviest song, final track Escape Myself. They begin with kind of a hybrid breakdown style intro, before striding forth with their brand of uplifting hardcore. I can see Foxxes being embraced by the masses, due to their obvious sense of melody and the modern sensibilities at work in their music.

Forget The Rain is certainly an enjoyable EP, it's long enough to leave a positive impact and short enough to make you want more. I love it and hope that Foxxes continue on an upward trajectory.

You can check Foxxes out for yourselves at and you can pick up Forget The Rain at

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