Tuesday 10 January 2012

Hildamay - Interview

Last week, I posted some information up about Hildamay's upcoming UK tour, alongside Max Raptor. Over the weekend, I was able to catch up with the band to ask them a few questions about the tour and how things have been going for them so far. See what they had to say below:-

So first of all guys, happy new year. How are you and how did you spend it?
Happy new Year? thank god its all over....our new year was actually pretty tame, we have abused our livers this year from touring and didn't really need another excuse to do it again.

Your about to embark on a huge UK tour shortly alongside Max Raptor. What are looking forward to the most on this tour?

Hitting the open road, Takedown 2012 is looking to be a stonker! and i guess getting to hang out with the MR dudes, we haven't met them yet but have heard good things from those lads.

What have been your best touring memories so far?
The obvious ones are being able to share a stage with bands like Letlive., Hot Water Music, Make Do and Mend etc...also having people put us up over night always goes down a treat! hildamates!

What has the reaction been like to your EP We Loved, We lost?

The reaction has been great, we had been sitting on that record for a while and just needed to get it out, shows are different now as people actually know our music

You signed to A Wolf At Your Door Records in the middle of last year. Did you think it would take you longer to get the support of a label than it did? 
The path to getting wolf to put out our record was a long and bumpy road, Ian (label manager) took a shine to us a while back and i guess the love affair blossomed...

Along with the most of the other bands on the AWAYD roster, how does it feel to be part of the British scene right now?
We are super stoked to be holding up the UK music scene, there's some shit hot bands on the roster...there seems to be a new breed of music coming out at the moment and for us to be part of makes us happy muchly!
What are you influences, both musical or otherwise?
We all listen to such a wide range of music....the 90s is a big influence to us (its when we all grew up duhhhh) were all massive peepshow fans...oh yeah, check out food for Louis. that's a new one

What music have you all been listening to recently?
Thrice - major/minor

Deaf Havana - fools and worthless liars
Defeater, Transit, Balance & Composure

Can you recommend some bands from your local scene, that people should check out?
Check out Black Shapes!!, they're a quiet a new band but part of the oldskool movement, they even have a free EP for download, also check out BEARS.

Also, make sure you check these guys out if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/hildamay.
So, there you go. Enjoy! I'll have a review of their EP up shortly as well, so keep checking back here from that.

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