Saturday 21 January 2012

Caravels - Well Worn Split 12" /w Gifts From Enola

Nevada's Caravels are due to release their split 12" entitled Well Worn, with Gifts From Enola on January the 24th through The Mylene Sheath/Topshelf Records.

I've been sent the Caravels side of this split to review, so here goes.

First song Sagen Genesis, is very melodic. The shouted vocals lines are supported by
indie inspired instrumentation. Caravels don't believe in battering you into submission, and
bring you hardcore that would sit firmly next to records by Touche Amore or even At The Drive In. There's a lot of emotion in the music and that come across in the vocals. Second track Beer Pressure follows the same format. The guitars caress the listener with melodic passages and the ability to let each instrument breathe in the mix, pays dividends as all of the textures blend together into one cohesive unit and is truly interesting. It's hard to categorise Caravels, and I know I have likened them to a couple of bands already, but they were just reference points for people, as I think Caravels are able to stand on their own two feet, oblivious to genre.

The vocals in third track Bone Voyage seem to hit a crescendo, where they seem to be at their most passionate. The low-fi production used of the guitars and bass in certain parts fits the music really well, as it does sound at time like it's coming out an old radio and gives you the sense that your listening to an old, undiscovered gem from days gone by.

Overall, this is certainly as emotional for the listener as it would have been for Caravels. It shows that the genre confines are well and truly crumbling and in their place, are
flourishing bands who have taken on new influences and human feelings, to help propel their music to audiences that will no doubt empathise and not prejudice against them for sounding unique. I've only reviewed one half of the split and would like to hear how Gifts From Enola provide on their side. If it's anything like Caravels side, it'll be an uplifting and bright experience.

I urge you to visit Caravel's Bandcamp page, where you can listen to second track Beer Pressure:-

Pre-orders are up for this split now on Topshelf Record's BigCartel site at and check-in with Caravels on Facebook at and Gifts From Enola at

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