Thursday 27 December 2018

The Hi Fi Ninja - Tattered And Torn

Labels: Snubbed Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 29 Sep 2018


1. Black And Blue
2. Pretentious Circles
3. Pride Like Medicine
4. Tattered And Torn
5. Tin Man

The Hi Fi Ninja is back with a new record. The Paducah (Kentucky, USA) trio released "Tattered And Torn" back in late September with help from US punk label Snubbed Records. I can't quite believe it's been over two years since I featured their album "Take It To The Grave". Time flies! I've been a little quiet over that last week or so because of the Christmas holidays, so apologies to the band for the lateness of this review. 

“Tattered And Torn” is a raucous slab of rock n roll fury. Black And Blue is a mix of Motorhead-like speed and groovy stoner rock. There’s obviously more than a hint of the deep South within the vocals and the instrumentation, which is fine because taking a break from the aural battery is good sometimes. Their songs are condensed and raw (in the best possible way) and Pretentious Circles is loud!

There’s something that sets The Hi Fi Ninja apart for me and I think it’s down to that pace of their delivery. Pride Like Medicine sums up that point with a tempo that’s subtly chaotic, as it bounces through just over two-and-a-half-minutes. The vocals harmonies add a punk element to it all as well. The bass-lines at the start of the title-track are slightly ominous and when the shouted verse kicks in, you know why! It’s their shoutiest song on the record actually and certainly get the blood flowing. 

Closer Tin Man brings to mind Aerosmith and Royal Blood, but more down to earth and stomping. I think it’s the rhythm of the song that creates that effect and the fact that the trio’s tempo has been slowed a bit helps too. The Hi Fi Ninja has once again delivered a nice little record. It’s brief but it’s also catchy and a true reflection of who they are as a band. Give this a shot and support authentic music at it’s best.

You can hear and alternative version of Pride Like Medicine below:-

"Tattered And Torn" is available digitally via all of the major streaming services including Apple Music and Amazon. 

CD versions can be ordered from the band here - and from Snubbed Records here -

The Hi Fi Ninja -

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