Tuesday 1 January 2019

Downcast - Downcast EP

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 11 Jan 2019


1. Anthurium
2. Sombre
3. Window Seat
4. 2013
5. I'm Sorry

New year, new band, new review. 2019 will see the debut self-titled EP from UK pop-punk band Downcast and I'm lucky enough to be one of the first people to review it. The four-piece only formed in mid-2018 but worked hard to write and record an EP, as well as organise a run of shows in support of the release at the end of January and into February, alongside fellow pop-punks Who Saves The Hero?. "Downcast" will be released on CD and also across all major digital platforms on 11 January.

UK pop-punk’s in pretty solid health as we fly into 2019 with Neck Deep’s star rising and plenty of other up and coming bands following on underneath. Downcast will be joining them upon the release of their debut EP and they’ll slot in perfectly, with catchy pop-punk that’s gruffer than you might think. Opener Anthurium is the best introduction to this new band and it’s filled with melody and riffs. It was also chosen as the band’s first single and bands don’t choose to reveal weak songs as their first singles, so you know it's strong!

Their songs tell a story and Sombre proves this with sensitive lyrics and an acoustic delivery that tugs on the heartstrings. Vocal harmonies are accentuated by it and there’s a positive message that comes out of it. There’s no filler on this EP and Downcast has chosen to keep things succinct. Window Seat is an up-tempo number that plays on their British roots. It’s so catchy you’ll be humming it without realising after a few spins. 

Twin-guitar melodies are normally the preserve of rock/heavy metal bands but Downcast use them to great effect as they open penultimate song 2013. The melodies give way to a solid punk song with chunky riffs and one that will be great in a live setting. There’s a true maturity about EP closer I’m Sorry. One that’s beyond the band’s years and considering “Downcast” is their debut, they show no signs of a band that need to develop over time. 

With it becoming easier and easier for bands to release music, it’s still hard to ensure it reaches the right audience. Downcast’s approach and music will definitely earn them the chance to leapfrog some of their peers and gain greater fans in 2019. 

You can watch their latest video for the song I'm Sorry on Youtube below:-

CD copies can be pre-ordered from their webstore here - https://downcastuk.bigcartel.com/

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