Monday 28 January 2019

Terra Mater - Holocene Extinction Parts I & II

Labels: Alerta Antifascista Records/Les Nains Aussi Records/Counteract Recordings/Bad Habit Records/Tasmanian Alcoholic Zine & Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 20 Feb 2019


1. Holocene Extinction Parts I
2. Holocene Extinction Parts II

Me and mate were chatting over some beers the other night and the topic of conversation that came up was about the music scenes in New Zealand and Australia. Namely, if we could think of any heavy bands aside from the obvious, more mainstream acts. We could only think of a few, so this post acts as an education for both of us, as it features the new release from Australian melodic crust band Terra Mater. 

Terra Mater is a new name for me but I heard about them via Alerta Antifascista Records, which make sense considering that label has released records by Fall Of Efrafa, Archivist and Morrow, who could certainly be called kindred spirits. This two-song LP gathers together their debut recording and also their newest.

Two long songs make up this release and as with UK band We Came Out Like Tigers (RIP) and Dawn Ray’d (as well as probably a whole host more), Terra Mater’s strings provide stirring melody on opener Holocene Extinction Part I. Their crust is made of something more than just the typical textures and delivery. There’s atmosphere, furious riffs that cross the boundaries between hardcore and metal, and dual male/female vocals that borrow from black metal and grind. There’s a lot going yet it’s groovy and catchy, which is a bit of surprise given the sub-genre’s often overpowering use of feedback and reverb. The different sections of this first song are interspersed with uplifting violin passages and dramatic layers of sound provided by both the guitars and the percussion. Through it all, Terra Mater’s punk-ethic shines bright.

Part II breaks to the sound of what could be Whales (it’s the strings again) and what follows is breathtaking. There’s a real drive about the band as they tear through the opening few minutes of the song and with the tempos being constant and the vocals caustic, there’s a real sense of rage that even the melody can’t temper. The best thing you can do is sit back and breath it all in, as it’s more than just controlled aggression. It speaks to you in a way that only this form of music can and with its anti-fascist/left-leaning subject matter, there’s also a message to be sought. Trying to describe the music in my own subjective way is one thing, but sometimes it’s futile and it’s the listening that says more.

This is an excellent tome and Terra Mater will no doubt be one of crust/d-beat’s brightest hopes in 2019.

The full release can be streamed and pre-ordered on vinyl and as a digital download below:-

It's also available to pre-order from the below labels:-

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