Monday 3 December 2018

Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band 7"

Labels: Drunken Sailor Records/Feel It Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 28 Sep 2018


1. Get Away From Me
2. Stranger
3. I'm An Adult Baby
4. I Like Your Band

I'm starting to get my mojo back (in writing terms anyway) and feeling more inspired by the music that is sent to me, so the aim is to crank out more reviews over the next week or so. With it being a Monday, I figured you all could do with a pick me up (god knows I need one). That's where Cleveland, Ohio's Vanilla Poppers come in. The band recently released a four-track 7" via UK punk label Drunken Sailor Records and US counterparts Feel It Records. I'm afraid I don't know too much else about the band, though vocalist Christina Pap is originally from Australia and they recently toured Europe and the UK.

This is riot-grrrl punk mixed with hardcore-punk anger and pop-hooks. Get Away From Me is a quickfire opening song and it more than sets the tone for both this EP and for Vanilla Poppers themselves. The vocals are shouted but audible, which is where the band’s hardcore influence comes in. Stranger is raucous yet you could also party to it quite easily.

I’m An Adult Baby could well be the sound of somebody having a full-on meltdown, just like a kid might in the aisle of a supermarket. Its great fun! The title-track at the end of the EP captures Vanilla Poppers are their wildest and it’s a belligerent performance that will burst eardrums no problem. This is just great, loud punk with instrumentation and vocals that keep things simple. Just turn it on, turn it up and don’t give in!

You can stream "I Like Your Band" and purchase it digitally below:-

Physical copies of the EP can be picked up from the links below:-

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