Thursday 20 December 2018

2018 UK Extreme Metal Newcomers - Youtube Playlist

I've been playing around a little bit in preparation for 2019, as I'm going to try and be a bit more social media savvy next year when it comes to promoting both my blog and the bands/labels that I write about and enjoy. I've not really pushed this side of things too much over the last years or so, but feel it's the right time to do it. With that in mind, I thought I'd create a small Youtube video playlist focusing on some newcomers to the UK extreme metal scene that have released their first material this year (using Metal Archives are a guide). 10 bands in all with a mix of single songs and full release streams. The link to the playlist is below:-

Bandcamp/social media links (if any) to the bands are below:-

Lunaar (Black Metal - Newcastle, England)

Godthrymm (Doom Metal - Halifax, England)

Temple Moon (Black Metal - Scotland)

Drought (Progressive Stoner/Doom Metal - Liverpool, England)

Usurper (Heavy Metal - Newcastle, England)

Enferum (Black Metal - Darlington/Durham, England)

Devastator (Black/Thrash Metal - Derbyshire, England)

Abyssal Crypt (Death Metal - London, England)

Rancid Skull (Thrash Metal - Southend-On-Sea, England)

Thuum (Sludge/Groove Metal - Bournemouth, England) - A quick note about Thuum: They're currently on hiatus but I wanted to include them because they release an EP earlier this year. 

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