Sunday 2 December 2018

Omegavortex - Promo 2018

Labels: Self-Released/Ancient Spirit Terror
Formats: Digital/Tape
Release Date: 13 Jul 2018


1. Omega Spheres
2. Gateways
3. Black Abomination Spawn
4. Dark Matter

This is the latest promo from German black/death metal band Omegavortex (previously known as Ambevilence). After the formation of their previous incarnation in 2007, a demo and an EP were released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Then came a name change last year and Omegavortex was born. With the potential for a full-length album in the near the future, this promo acts as a taster for that and for the band's (debut?) live appearance at Unholy Metal Mayhem Festival in Oberhausen (Germany) next March.

Haunting ambience greets you as Omega Spheres begins. It’s soon replace by metallic black/death metal that rages and the blackened shrieks are stomach churning (in a good way). Both the guitar and drum work is technical and fast, with very few moments of peace and introspection. Omegavortex’s MO is clearly to write and perform extreme music that’s as dark as it can get and Gateways proves this, as the band once again launches into a scathingly intense black metal song. It’s tempo is furious and drives their momentum forward with no chance of anybody getting in their way. 

Their lengthy compositions are meant to be challenging and uncomfortable. Black Abomination Spawn adds progression and changing time-signatures to the band’s arsenal with no effect on the barbarity of the music. At near seven-minutes it is long but it’ll keep you hooked till the very end. That progression continues into last song Dark Matter, where the double-bass drumming reaches powerful levels and the gloom created by the wall of guitar riffs is palpable to say the least. It’s the most menacing song on this Promo without a shadow of a doubt. This whole promo is unrelenting and Omegavortex will certainly be a force to be reckoned with when they release their full-length record.

You can stream and purchase Omegavortex's "Promo 2018" digitally below:-

A repress of the tape version has been released by Ancient Spirit Terror and order enquiries can be made via -

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