Friday 14 December 2018

Swallowing The Weak - Devourer Of Souls

Labels: Sliptrick Records
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 06 Nov 2018


1. Devourer Of Souls
2. Equal In Death
3. Salvation
4. No Gods No Masters
5. Blade Of Hate

Every day there are new solo bands springing up across all sub-genres of extreme metal, but this may be the first time I've come across a solo deathcore band. From Sligo in Ireland, Swallowing The Weak has joined forces with the ever growing Sliptrick Records to release this debut EP "Devourer Of Souls" on both cd and digitally. The self-professed "deathcore one man army" is currently an online/studio project.

Creepy electronic and vocal effects kick off the opening title-track, which is filled with programmed drums and electronic effect as well as deep vocal bellows and occasional shrieks. The guitars sit within the mix, taking away some of the music’s power especially with the vocals taking centre stage. That being said, it’s still engaging and when the guitars do get more space in the mix, they definitely add a lot of atmosphere and (sole-member) Tomek’s playing is very accomplished. This release does highlight the limitations of self-recording/producing on a budget and you get a sense of that during Equal In Death; however, if the volume of the instrumentation was increased it would certainly sit comfortably alongside many modern death metal bands, especially those of the technical variety.

Salvation is an amusing title for a song on “Devourer Of Souls” because you won’t find much of it here. It’s heavy and despite the electronic touches here and there, there’s no real moments for rest. Also, for a project that aligns itself to deathcore, there aren’t many breakdowns present. The bass on No Gods No Masters adds great heft to the music and indeed a more progressive/bluesy edge. It’s a brutal song, but in a restrained way. Swallowing The Weak hits it’s true stride with closing song Blade of Hate. Sure, the volume of the instrumentation could be higher but that’s a minor thing when the music is well-written and performed. Sometimes you have to see past things to appreciate it. Swallowing The Weak has a long way to go to in terms of the projects maturity, but Tomek has laid solid foundations here. Throw him some support and check this out for yourselves. 

You can stream the EP's title-track below via Swallowing The Weak's bandcamp page:-

You can purchase the full EP on cd or digitally from Sliptrick Records below - 

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