Saturday 19 August 2017

Nexul - Paradigm Of Chaos


1. Memoriam
2. Hexecration
3. Wrathful Chaos
4. Dark God Of Paradox & Eternal
5. Leviathan Unbound
6. Chaosipher Tower
7. Serpent Of Acosmic Darkness
8. Paradigm Of Chaos
9. Bringer Of Pandimensional Disrupt
10. Lord Of The Bottomless Sea
11. Drowning Sephiroth

In June I reviewed the 2013 demo "Nexulzifer" by Texan black/death band Nexul. Almost four years on from that demo, they've released their debut full-length via the ever productive US extreme metal label Hells Headbangers. The album has been released across all formats, including cd, tape, vinyl and digital. Nexul's members have an underground pedigree but prefer to stay low-key, especially where modern social media is concerned, in order to let their music have greater impact.

Instead of going on all-out attack with their opening song, Nexul uses organs and bizarre ambience to set the tone on Memoriam. It’s an unsettling start. Hexecration is where they first inflict their hellish sound upon you. It’s lo-fi but that only adds to the decaying black/death march. The guitars and percussion set the tempo high, while the vocals are low and soaked in reverb. Their death metal influence comes to fore thanks to the occasional screaming lead. While Nexul clearly favours pace on Wrathful Chaos, there are elements of a more acrid atmosphere within the music with slower riffs sitting in the mix. With no breath between songs, “Paradigm of Chaos” is an intense listen. Dark God of Paradox & Eternal carries on the band’s barbaric blueprint with little cause for variation. Thrash and black metal converge alongside chunky old-school riffs. The intro to Leviathan Unbound provides some melody before Nexul launches into another attack. Musically they’re faultless at what they do and if you listen attentively, you’ll be able to pick plenty of tempo changes and clever instrumentation. Chaosipher Tower is Nexul at their best in terms of extremity. Insane solos, furious cymbal crashes and a constant wall of sound rarely break and when they do, it’s just so the band can groove in simple majesty. A great way to usher in the latter half of the album. More otherworldly ambience and electronic noises greet you on Serpent Of Acosmic Darkness. It twists and slithers forward for jut over two-minutes and is abruptly silenced by another wave of heaviness. The title-track is a quick-fire twenty-two second blast of noise and bridges into Bringer Of Pandimentional Disrupt, which is dispatched with minimal fuss and the dirtiest death metal riffs this album has to offer. One brief moment of calm comes with penultimate song Lord Of The Bottomless Seas. It’s piano tones are quite hypnotic though and it seems at odds with closing song Drowning Sephiroth, which forms the last raid on both your ears and your senses. As mentioned above, “Paradigm Of Chaos” is not an easy listen but it’s executed well and sounds blistering at higher volume. For the maniacs!

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