Saturday 5 August 2017

Christie Front Drive - 4010 b/w Away 7"


1. 4010
2. Away

This 7" was another one that was released as part of Magic Bullet's 20th anniversary celebrations last year. It also formed part of the label's Christie Front Drive reissue project. It was originally released way back in 1994 by Freewill Records and is now available again on both black and clear vinyl. Christie Front Drive (from Oceanside, California) has been cited as an influence by countless punk/emo bands and their music continues to be revered. 

Part of the enduring thing about metal and punk for me is listening to the bands that laid the foundations for many of the bands I listen to now. I guess without bands like Christie Front Drive, there wouldn’t have been bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Movielife, Brand New or many of today’s newer emo/screamo bands. There’s nothing false about CFD’s sound either, they just did their own thing at the time and hearing 4010 immediately transports you back to a point in punk & rock’s evolution where there was no pretence. It’s a very laid back song especially in the vocal department, yet there’s still room in the recordings for some noise-rick guitar like breaks and whole heap of melody. Away is brimming with feedback, punchy percussion and it’s evidently heavier than 4010, thanks to the screamed passages that sit in the mix. i’ll be up front and honest and say that Christie Front Drive aren’t a band that I’ve listened to a great deal before; however, I completely understand their appeal and can hear a lot of similarities to bands that I have in my own record collection now. They’re great and in me, they now have another fan for life. 

You can stream the 7" below, where you can purchase it digitally and on 7" in both colour-ways:-

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