Sunday 13 August 2017

LUAU - Wake Up Dreaming


1. Shitty Dudes
2. Muncle
3. Fire Queen
4. Wake Up Dreaming
5. Debt Collector
6. Oh, It's A Problem
7. Bogan

Beach punx from Basingstoke! That's what LUAU refer to themselves as and who's to argue. They're closer to the sea than we are up here. They're a pretty new band and "Wake Up Dreaming" is their first EP. They've have shared and are due to share the stage with (recently featured) Calligram and Kamikaze Girls respectively and they share members with Eagleburner, who once upon a time played in Harrogate. Hopefully LUAU will make it up here at some point.

LUAU’s obviously worked hard on nailing down that retro garage punk sound. Shitty Dudes is high octane and noisy. It reminds of The Hives. The instrumentation is great, especially the guitar work and the vocals are loud yet audible. Catchy and danceable seems to be the order of the day and Muncle is certainly both of those things. Fire Queen sounds kind of moody during the verses but stays on the right side of lo-fi. That can be said for the whole EP as well really, because the production and mastering gives it an edge for sure. The title-track isn’t as up-tempo as earlier songs, but it looses no attitude. The riffs are killer too. Debt Collector is brief but keeps momentum high while Oh, It’s A Problem follows on immediately afterwards with the same fervour and plenty of opportunity for sing-alongs. Bogan closes out “Wake Up Dreaming” in true punk fashion, with nods to country music too. Musically they are really tight and are one of those bands that need to be heard in a live setting to be truly appreciated. Party on!

Stream "Wake Up Dreaming" and buy a name-your-price-download here:-


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