Thursday 24 August 2017

Comity - A Long, Eternal Fall


1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5 V
6. VI
7. VII

It's been over five and a half years since "The Journey Is Over Now" was released. It certainly doesn't feel like that long ago! Anyway, in May of this year the self confessed "extreme rock 'n roll" quartet came back with their newest full-length "A Long, Eternal Fall. It was released via Throatruiner Records (home to Direwolves, Plebeian Grandstand and more recently Pyrrhon, to name a few). Comity takes great pride in the fact that they've shared stages with the likes of Converge, Keelhaul and The Dillinger Escape Plan in the past, which is certainly company they deserve to be amongst. That should also give you some idea of where they're coming from.

Not bothering with traditional song-titles, Comity instead use Roman numerals and album opener I contains metallic riffs that bring to mind label-mate Cowards, before the band launches into a heaving, grinding song that is equal parts CTTTOAFF and 5ive. What a way to get the listener’s attention! Their music is filled with off-kilter math and rock ’n roll flair, which only the French seem to be able to pull off properly. II is a collage of layered guitar riffs and head-scratching percussion, but it works oh so well. There’s no point in me trying to categorise this any further so I’m just going to say that III is plain nuts. It’s fast and heavy, with an undercurrent of foreboding atmosphere that makes it sound pretty dark. There’s something of a late 90s retro emo feel to IV, with great melodic riffs fighting for space with the crazed rhythm section and the screamed vocals that seem to come from all directions. It’s a really engaging song as well, as Comity manages to pack a lot into it (including a great mid-section that’s brimming with post-metal/sludge). The thing that really strikes me about the album as V plays is the sheer volume of progression that Comity fits into it. This song in particular goes in all directions, not staying still long enough to pin down. It’s wicked! As the record goes on the songs get longer too. VI is six-and-a-half minutes of utter madness. There’s really no other way to describe it. There’s so much going that it’s sometimes hard to notice the subtle groove and sensitivity that’s present here. Sometimes it’s better to just lose yourself. Talking of losing yourself, the ridiculous eleven+ minutes of VII are perfect for that very thing. I wasn’t entirely sure how Commit were going to fill a song of this length but they do, and they do it with aplomb. After about four-and-a-half minutes the song gives way to feedback, which fades and your greeted with a sole guitar weaving a mournful mood. The strange thing here is that fact that it drops silent just before the ten minute mark, after an extended instrumental section that ends with a sound akin to an air raid siren. The sample at the end gives some respite before album closer VIII. As final songs go, this one really hammers home just how intense and great this record is. Comity has nailed it in every sense of the phrase. 

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