Monday 21 August 2017

René Descartes - S/T EP


1. Those Lives Found In That Time
2. Subjugation Of Physical Validation
3. Repressed Life Lessons

It's kind of weird covering a band that have for all intents and purposes, called it day, but nothing in this life is guaranteed. That's what's happened with San Fran quartet René Descartes. This three-song EP was supposed to be on a split, bit instead it's been released as tape by both Structures//Agony Records (US) and Zegema Beach Records (Can). This EP follows a demo that the band released in April of last year. They share (or shared) members with Flowers Taped To Pens and SeeYouSpaceCowboy and play emoviolence. 

René Descartes presents three short and sharp songs here. Those Live Found In That Time is a mix of punk and intense screamo, with crazy yet emotive vocals and synths. It’s stop/start as well, which takes the edge of. Subjugation Of Physical Validation is a fraught mix of sensitive instrumentation and pent-up rage. The lo-fi sound of the band makes the vocals stand out more and the mix of audible spoken-word and screams float over the guitars and percussion. The energy of the band is obvious though these recordings and there’s something about it, an old-school emo vibe that sticks out during Repressed Life Lessons. i don’t know whether it’s my overly tired state right now but the music seems to want to make my brain work overtime. I’ve already mentioned the energy that they have, but there’s also true feeling and angst coming through on this EP, which you couldn’t force or fake. René Descartes may have gone to soon but they leave an impression. 

You can stream the EP and grab it as a name-your-price-download below:-

Tapes can be purchased via the links below:-

René Descartes -
Structures//Agony Records -
Zegema Beach Records -

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