Wednesday 5 October 2016

Titaan - Kadingir


1. Apsu
2. Nis Ilim Zakaru
3. Anur
4. Titaan
5. Itima
6. Sabitu
7. Sebet Babi
8. Magurumuabzu
9. Kingu
10. Kadingir
11. Utukagaba
12 Azag
13. Peta Babkama Laruba Anaku
14. Erset La Tari
15. Kuan
16. Nibiru

I've concluded that modern-day metal needs more mystery and even danger! When I say "modern-day metal", I mean the metal that lives now. Titaan pretty much embodies my conclusion, as the one-man occult black metal offering gives little away in terms of origin or location, instead allowing the music to speak for them. Even keeping a minimal social media presence shows commitment to artistic integrity. "Kadingir" was released back in January by ATMF.

This feels like a step into the unknown for me as album opener Apsu begins. The rich choral introduction and occult orchestral drone breeds a haunting atmosphere. The song is more deeply rooted in ambient noise that black metal, but the two do go hand in hand so it should come as  no surprise. Nis Ilim Zakaru s the first glimpse you get of Titaan’s unholy sound. Blasting old-school black metal is the offering and the high-pitched/low-growled vocal bring to mind the likes of classic Beherit and at time the industrial majesty of Spektr. Titaan writes and performs a mix of bombastic, lengthy numbers and shorter, calmer pieces. Anur follows on from the opener with it’s eerie instrumental presence. The guitar work, while lowly is certainly impressive. Allowing the album to breath with quieter moments give more impact to songs like Titaan. This one contains seemingly more urgency, before bizarrely fading out not another strings-led instrumental mid-section. It’s certainly not what I was expecting and made me think my speakers were broken, but no sooner had it started that it ended and the volume increased again. It ends abruptly and leads to the peculiar Itima, with it’s repeated, whispered passage. I’d much rather be listening to this album with all of my lights turned off (will do this eventually), but I need to see to type. Sabitu passes by quickly and quietly before Sebet Babi opens up a vortex of utter disdain. Beneath the shrieks lays guitar work that’s seemingly not in any earthly key. It makes it more exciting in my opinion, as it shows the Titaan isn’t just content with standard instrumental patterns. At this point there’s either a problem with the upload or the track is meant to go deathly quiet. Magurumuabzu follows the silence with subtle sounds that are punctuated by jarring instrumental effects. It’s like somebody scratching their nails down a blackboard, but in tune. The Middle Eastern guitar of Kingu is amazing but all too quickly over and the title-track that follows is a shock to the system. That said, it is a powerful and tormenting effort with effortlessly blasting percussion and bestial harmonics. The occult chants again make you believe that voodoo is at play here, but that may just be a lame man’s view of proceedings. It’s followed by the short instrumental passage of Utukagaba, with it’s lowly acoustic guitar meanderings. Azag is similarly ambient and minimal in it’s approach. Those brief moments of apparent calm are shattered by Peta Babkama Laruba Anaku. Titaan’s resolute black metal takes on an almost transcendental form against the backdrop of those quieter songs and it’s impact if felt more obviously. Haunting noise once again envelopes the record on Erset La Tari. Who needs horror films when this is psychologically scarring on it’s own! The closing riff is the precursor to penultimate song Kuan and indeed flows into it. It’s quite an empowering riff and provides the spine for the song itself. It fades out to leave only the 12-minute opus of Nibiru remaining. It’s predecessor had a similar to Caina’s mighty Orphan from “Setter Of Unseen Snares” (minus vocals) and I thought that Nibiru would be too, but for the most part it’s just more noise and atmospherics. It’s a strange but not at all surprising way for ‘Kadingir” to end. This album is a complex glimpse into the mind of Titaan’s and it’s best left as such. If you venture any further in you may not return. Thoroughly enjoyable if you’re brave and alone.

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