Tuesday 25 October 2016

Leather Glove - Skin On Glass Demo


1. Skin On Glass
2. Rods Of Steel
3. Conduit To Misery

I wanted a break from my recent tech-death binge, so here's a demo from a one-man death/sludge/crust band. Leather Glove comes from the mind of a man entrenched in metal. He (I ain't naming names) owns a studio and has worked with bands like Noothgrush, Pallbearer and Lycus as well as playing in Brainoil and Deathgrave himself, amongst others. The three-track "Skin On Glass" demo was released in May via Sentient Ruin Laboratories, so you should know what to expect.

This has all the hallmarks of a ripping crust-punk demo, with the right amount of riffs and murkiness. The opening title-track is heavy and features some low-ass growls. It’s a mix of the majority of the metal food groups and is intensely creative. Rods Of Steel may sound like a heavy metal song (by it’s title anyway) but it’s not all twin-harmonies and falsetto singing. It’s filled with nasty sludge and death ridden vox. It’s surprisingly atmospheric even though it doesn’t pull any punches. It gets slower and darker still with demo closer Conduit To Misery. Comparisons aside, it’s shit-grinningly good straight from the first harrowing riffs. I still can’t believe this has come from one man. Leather Glove’s crusty legs are given a final stretch and it’s impossible to sit or stand still throughout. This demo and indeed Leather Glove has future classic written all over it. 

You can stream, download and buy "Skin On Glass" on tape via Leather Glove's bandcamp below:-

You can also grab it on all formats from Sentient Ruin Laboratories here - https://sentientruin.bandcamp.com/album/skin-on-glass-demo. Be warned though, the tape is running low from both band and label.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SentientRuin

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