Thursday 13 October 2016

The Infamous Gehenna & Bleach Everything - Heavy Metal Suicide Split 7"


1. The Infamous Gehenna - Looking To Score
2. The Infamous Gehenna - Get Fucked Up!
3. Bleach Everything - Witch, Please
4. Bleach Everything - Silk And Scales
5. Bleach Everything - Human Mulligan

The urge to write this today has been pretty tantalising. The thought of these two band's together on one slab of wax, released by Magic Bullet Records (whose first release featured Boysetsfire, who're one of my all time favourite bands) was making me clock watch for a good few hours. It's a split of two opposites because The Infamous Gehenna have been spitting out angry hardcore since 1993 while Bleach Everything are a mere four years old, yet are forming their own fearsome identity. A lot of people say that hardcore-punk is no longer the snotty, arrogant hellraiser it once was (and I'd agree), so maybe this 7" will change that.

“Heavy Metal Suicide” is a really apt title for this split, as The Infamous Gehenna channel their inner Venom into Looking To Score. It ain’t sugary sweet or melodic, it’s chugging heaviness reminds you that you’re no longer in safe hands. Get Fucked Up! begins with the sampled voices of dudes getting just that. What follows is angry hardcore with thrash appeal. I know that labels (in genre terms) don’t mean much to …Gehenna, so I’m going to stop right there. The one thing I can say about them is that they don’t pull any punches and seem to be getting heavier. Watch out for their new album. Bleach Everything are a lot noisier than I remember them from their earlier split with VORS. They flail and spin during their opener Witch, Please and it’s over all too quickly. Silk And Scales is haunting and raw. The semi-whispered vocals are perfect for the atmosphere and when they slam into hardcore territory towards the end, involuntary mosh happens. Their closing song Human Mulligan brings one last slab of old-school punk and it’s glorious. Bleach Everything also has a new record on the way. This split proves that in 2016, proper hardcore-punk still exists and is far from dead. For all that writers like me try to analyse and describe it, the only thing you really need to know is that it’s awesome! 

Stream "Heavy Metal Suicide" and then purchase a download/7" below:-

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