Thursday 6 October 2016

Beldam - Still The Wretched Linger


1. Needles
2. Blackened Violet
3. The Foundling
4. From Grave To Cradle
5. Salamander
6. Her Unbearing Abyss
7. Beauty's Martyr

I couldn't sit back tonight without writing about a fairly-recent release. This is the debut album from US sludge/doom band Beldam and it was release via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is June. It follows the band's self-titled demo that arrived in 2015. The quartet have been involved with various bands since the early 00's and has a lot of experience. They also like good beer, which is a plus! 

This is filthy and ridiculously heavy. Needles goes from bone-shattering to almost psychedelic thanks to the stop/start opening bars. The presence of blackened growls stops them from getting pigeonholed and the hazy groove keeps things catchy. There’s plenty of heavy metal coursing through “Still The Wretched Linger” and nowhere is it more obvious than during Blackened Violet. The bass-heavy fuzz, traditional metal and off-kilter guitar makes for heady cocktail of textures. It’s killer! The Foundling sounds and feels pensive but the deep-bellowed/shrieked vocals work in perfect harmony to unsettle you and shatter the illusion that it’s going to be an easy ride. I could not think of a more apt song-title than From Grave To Cradle. It kinda feels like being buried alive and by the end you’re reduced to gargling uncontrollably. Salamander feels more like a Komodo Dragon coming up to bite you. It starts off in unsuspecting fashion before lurching forwards, it’s feedback-laden heaviness creeping up as it goes. Her Unbearing Abyss is chock full of black metal hatred and the best riffs this side of Meth Drinker. It’s quiet/loud dynamic is powerfully strong as well. Dual guitar harmonies add some light to the bleakness of album closer Beauty’s Martyr. It’s a great way to end the record and it shows off Beldam’s experience and musicianship in the best light possible. Hats off to HPGD for releasing this and to Beldam for crafting it. Brutal brilliance.

You can stream and purchase "Still The Wretched Linger" digitally and on cd below:-

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