Tuesday 18 October 2016

Cancerous Womb - It Came To This


1. The Shrieking Of Idiots
2. Formless
3. Isolation Frenzy
4. When All Is Said And Done (Napalm Death cover)

There's nowt more satisfying than good old death/grind. One of the UK's heaviest, Cancerous Womb are back at it again after what seems like an age (two and half years roughly) and they've released a new EP called "It Came To This", via Rising Nemesis Records. It came out in July and since it's release they've been across so Europe for both Obscene Extreme and Deathfest Open Air. They're due to tour around the UK, starting in late October. 

The last time I saw Cancerous Womb live was at ‘Kin Hell Fest in 2014. They were great and I feel bad for not getting out to see them since. Releasing an album and touring abroad seems to have done them no harm at all though, as EP opener The Shrieking Of Idiots is the perfect mix of grinding blasts and death metal riffs, with melody and a nod to the old-school. Formless is an intense, improvisational grind piece that will beat you with off-kilter jazz while perfectly living up to it’s name. It features added screams by Rich Speakman of The Afternoon Gentlemen and Saxophone from Tom Dring of Corrupt Moral Altar. The grind takes over on Isolation Frenzy with some really punishing percussion. The rest ain’t bad either, as the lead work and Bernard’s vocals more than match it. Final song When All Is Said And Done features guest vox from Chris Reese (the busiest extreme vocalist in the UK, probably). Not content with own band Corrupt Moral Altar, as well as providing stand-in duties for Napalm Death and recording the tech-death record of last year with Cerebric Turmoil, he’s back. Needless to say it’s over all too quickly. It’s a groovier number (in death metal terms) with hints of thrash mixed in with the death. Catchy as hell but still not for yer nan’s ears! Four songs are all you get but you’ll be repeating them over and over. Grizzly noise that’ll have you grinning!

You can stream "It Came To This" and grab it digitally and on cd below:-

Cancerous Womb Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cancerouswomb
Rising Nemesis Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RNRecords

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