Saturday 22 October 2016

Post-Gloom: Bodies On Everest and Tidings

I wanted to write something that reflects my mood today. I've spent part of my morning searching for new music that follows a certain path. Since the demise of a couple of promising UK bands in the form of Mausoleion and Voe sometime ago and the recent passing of Caina (band not band members), I've been trying to find the time to fill the void. The search is over and despite the hammy reference in the title above, both these bands are more than worthy of carrying the torch for UK post/doom metal.

I actually came across Bodies On Everest while I was trawling through the ever-growing Metal Archives a while ago and have been waiting for a proper excuse to talk about them. They're a trio that   prefers low-end sludge/doom with two bass-players. Their music is heavy and raw, but filled with atmosphere.

Fittingly, they've played alongside bands like Ommadon and Legion Of Andromeda in recent months and so far they've released one full-length (2015's "The Burning"), which is available to stream and download via their bandcamp page below:-

They're playing alongside Bong in Manchester in November. Visit the event page here.

Bodies On Everest Facebook page -

Next up, I wanted to go for something a little more cinematic and spacey. I came Edinburgh based instrumental band Tidings. They've been together for a few years now and released a self-titled EP in 2012 followed by the full-length "Death Leaves A Bright Trail" last year. Their post-metal/rock is the perfect balance after the heaviness of Bodies On Everest.

They're another band that puts in the live miles too, as they've played around the UK this year. They're quiet at the moment but hopefully that just means that they're writing new music. You can stream both the EP and full-length below, as well as purchase both digital and physical copies:-

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