Monday 19 September 2016

War Curse - Final Days EP


1. Dawn Patrol
2. Blue Line Of Injustice
3. Severed Crosses
4. Final Days
5. New Chemical Warfare
6. Drudge

Congratulations, you've survived Monday! What better way to get psyched up for the rest of the week than with some war-inspired US thrash metal. "Final Days" is the debut EP from Ohio's War Curse. It was originally released by the band last August (both on tape and digitally), before subsequently being released by Static Tension Records (who released it on multiple formats, including cd). Their love of heavy metal has also seen them supporting the might Metal Church over the weekend, so they have wider appeal and aren't afraid to carpet bomb any audience!

In typical thrash metal fashion, EP opener Dawn Patrol begins with the wailing sound of an air-raid siren. It’s certainly rousing and prepares you pretty well for their battery. There’s a fair amount of old-school influence in their sound, especially with the ripping solo. Hints of Death Angel and Exodus only add to the fun! I’ve often found that a lot of thrash metal be quite atonal and same-y. I don’t get that sense as War Curse rip through Blue Line Of Injustice. I don’t think the recording does them justice though, as more volume in the mix might bring them closer to their live sound, but that’s only a minor quibble from me and I’m no expert in that area! One thing that is obvious though is how catchy the songs are on “Final Days”. Severed Crosses is chock full of groove and enough full-blooded tempo to make your neck snap. The guitars that open up the title-track have a really warm and organic sound too them and as the vocals kick in, War Curse takes on the form of two of the big-four. After a brief pause, New Chemical Warfare picks up where the previous song left off. Again, the solo is brilliantly executed and they prove that they can keep a five-minute plus thrash song fresh. Punk seems to read it’s head subtly on EP closer Drudge, especially in the riffs yet as they disappear and the lead work takes over, War Curse seem even more dramatic. The double-bass is bludgeoning yet the audible vocals don’t allow them to get carried away. Thrash and heavy metal will always be the bedrock of the metal genre and no matter what you say, they’re still very much alive. War Curse prove that on “Final Days” and I’m sure there’s more to come.

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