Sunday 11 September 2016

Big Machine - Bigger Machine


1. Fangdy
2. Love Will Find A Way
3. Introwidows
4. Mutual
5. Steve Brooks
6. Wcolt
7. Quiet!

Goddamn! I've been sifting through my inbox today trying to get a bit more organised and I am pretty taken aback by the sheer amount of awesomeness I still have to catch up on. The plan between now and the end of the year is to try and put the hammer down. To get me through both that (and the endless neck ache I seem to have), I'll be consuming more coffee. This seemingly random start to today's proceedings is actually quite apt when you see that I'm writing about Big Machine's new record. 

Just released as a pay-what-you-want/free download (physical copies to follow) and hot of the heels of their 2015 self-titled 7" and recent split with Endamori, the loud Manchester duo of Nick and Sacha are doing what they do best. They're playing some gigs with Pijn (ex-Old Skin) next week and are still looking to fill a couple of dates.

Days of rest are meant to be spent listening to music, no matter how loud it is. Big Machine gathers together the energy of noisy hardcore and snotty punk in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fashion on album opener Fangdy. Love Will Find A Way takes from their previous bands and is equal parts heavy and danceable. Alongside the likes of Sky:Lark! and many other bands on SuperFi Records, they occupy the weirder and more inventive side of UK noisy punk. Introwidows carries a snarling sludgy undertone while challenging the norms. The clean vocals on Mutual are a surprise but completely awesome as well, bringing a sense of accessibility to the album. I’m not sure who Steve Brooks is but he’s inspired a song anyway and it bounces all over the place. There’s also a chorus/mid-section that sounds a bit Deftones-y. Wcolt is named after the much missed Liverpudlian screamo band that became Dawn Ray’d (possibly?) and it’s the heaviest song on here. Ending the record with a song titled Quiet! is a bit of an oxymoron for Big Machine. It’s slower paced and the low-end fights with the soaring clean singing, before harsh roars replace them. It's pretty much everything Big Machine does rolled into one and you don’t know where it’s going next. It’s a bit like the album really. Bigger Machine will see a physical release soon and not before time. It’s over all too quickly but is worth playing over and over again. 

Stream and download it here:-

Keep an eye out for news of CDs (and perhaps LPs) via Big Machine's Facebook page -

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