Thursday 29 September 2016

Hexis - MMXIV. A. D. XII. KAL. DEC. Flexi Disc


1. Odium (Live)
2. Timor/Abalam (Live)

Hexis has long been a favourite of mine, especially because of their amazing live-shows. More recently they've been distilling the essence of those live-shows into flexi disc form and this is the second one that's been released, following the 2015 "MMXIV. A. D. IV. KAL. IVN." flexi that featured songs recorded at Roskilde Festival in 2014. This time the tracks are taken from a 2014 set at Morgana in Tokyo (Japan). It's been pressed onto 500 two-sided white flexi discs.

Odium featured on their split 7” with This Gift Is A Curse and here it is shortened. It’s great to hear every strand of feedback and outright energy that Hexis produces in a live environment. You still get a real sense of their blackened heaviness and the menacing melody that’s created by the guitars. The bleak intensity of the Timor/Abalam duo on the b-side is pretty astounding and makes you wish the strobe-lights were going off around your house! The final sixty second burst of Abalam hits hard and reminds you exactly why Hexis is a band with a pretty die-hard following around the world. Heaviness personified and one of the most cleansing live experiences you’re ever likely to witness. 

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