Sunday 18 September 2016

Massacres - Brutus EP


1. One Of The Boys
2. Death Knell
3. Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal
4. To The Victor, The Spoils

I'm planning another shot at PR, as I want to use my creative writing skills and further my support for the music and bands that I love. I'm hoping to kick things off shortly and I'll put updates on here as and when things start to happen. In the meantime though, it's business as usual. 

London based hardcore/punk band Massacres reached out to me a little while ago and shared their debut EP "Brutus". This four-piece only formed last year and their first single Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal caught the attention of radio folk and press alike in October. "Brutus" was released in February and subsequently led to an appearance on Metal Hammer's "New Noise" cover mount CD as well as live dates in the capital.

As  soon as EP opener One Of The Boys kicks in, Massacres sound festival ready. I can easily see them on stage at Download or Leeds/Reading. Their sound is loud but danceable and catchy, with elements of rock n roll and hardcore nestled together. Their chosen approach is popular at the moment with the printed music press and that attention is actually fully deserved here. Death Knell has good old British swagger going on, despite the obvious comparisons to bands like Cancer Bats and The Bronx.  Original single Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal is the heaviest song on “Brutus”. It also highlights the song-writing skills of four-peice, as they're all about songs that are to-the-point. EP closer To The Victor, The Spoils mixes melody with stoner-like groove and even metal. The variation is very effective and it brings the punchy production to life even more. “Brutus” is huge and if Massacres can get themselves in front of more faces around the UK, I can see them growing at a fast rate. Brilliant stuff indeed.

You can stream "Brutus" and purchase it digitally below (as well as from all the usual outlets):-Ma

Massacres Website -
Massacres Facebook -

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